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  1. A quick look at the ratings - 2015 Ratings: SC30 Go Kart -99, R33 -70, Mamma Tried a 8.5 -45 (interestingly Mamma Tried rated -3 in the PNW). 2018 Ratings: Hammer SC30 in S.F. -63, M32 -135. Based on these numbers and your first hand experience, you are spot on Mundt.
  2. Wayne - As Stephen has pointed out the R33 is a weapon of mass destruction, both the R33 and SC30 rate faster than Dragon, the SC30 -90 something and the R33 is similar. The race is his to lose in the R33, maybe he will buy the "also rans" a drink with his winnings.
  3. Multihuler - Not sure why Vaeredil would post that, the organizers never said it wasn't coming back in 2020 they said there are going to be changes after the 2019 edition.
  4. No one said it wasn't coming back in 2020, they said there are going to be changes.
  5. Interested to know how and where do they set up the mast rotation sensors?
  6. I stand corrected, I was looking at Taeping's elapsed, interestingly Dragon corrected out over both the SC 30 and the F28.
  7. I think you are Spot on. We have experienced that ourselves when we changed the rake for a windy day and didn't put it back to the original setting for a light air regatta, absolutely shocking the difference it made. As for the M23 itself, we have a daggerboard vs the stock centreboard which makes a big difference I think. That combined with stiffer beams and mounting points adds up to a decent performance gain.
  8. Interesting, we have generally raced boat for boat with the F-31's & F-85SR in day racing, they tend to be quicker upwind and we are faster downwind, our ratings are pretty close so it's close on corrected time too. Never even been close getting beat boat for boat by an f-27, having said that we optimized our M23 and it has a bigger kite.
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