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  1. What is the idea behind that winch arrangement-four athwartships?
  2. I'm no Etchells expert, but it might be that the mast has gone soft. Is it the original to the boat? With inline spreaders and a long lever arm between the backstay and the hounds, there is considerable bending moment around the hounds. A stiffer mast can translate backstay tension into the forestay, but over time I think you lose this. Speak to Sandy at North Atlantic. He was very active in Etchells once upon a time.
  3. Cool find. I wonder how many were built
  4. Giant’s Tomb, Georgian Bay
  5. I think R8 spells the end of foiling boats in the Cup. Convince me I am wrong.
  6. To my eye, Prada’s seems the cleanest, and ETNZ’s is a real rat’s nest. Comments, opinions, ideas on what the different solutions are aiming to achieve?
  7. I wonder what kind of regen you can get when the prop is in an aperture.
  8. I’d like to meet his tailor.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked already, but what’s up with Corum/Troussel? Blistering speed at the start, taking only 35 minutes to sail through the fleet after starting late at the wrong end of the line. Lately has slowed a lot, and the tracker had the boat in single digits for a few scheds.
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