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  1. I was in a similar situation a few months ago and ended up buying a 1991 boat, sail number 144***. The boat was at a lake cabin and did not see a lot of use. The hull is solid, blades and spars look good. I paid $950 for the boat. A new dolly, cover, new upgraded rigging, new lines,... cost another $1700. That does not include a new vang and sail, I already had an extra vang and I put our 4.7 rig on the boat. But it includes a carbon fiber tiller and extention. So, I could sent my 13 year old out on the water for $2700. Prices for 2001-2009 Vanguards are just through the roof right now and I w
  2. Your description reads like the design spec of the RS Zest: https://www.rssailing.com/project/rs-zest/
  3. RobbieB, would you mind sharing who the dealer is that has the new boats in stock? I was not able to find that online. Thanks.
  4. Dave, thanks for answering questions in this thread. I have a few more for your: Is the boat inn the video the "interceptor" version with enhanced rudder and sail or the standard version? How much of a difference is there with respect to the rigs? And if the "stern tee" only comes with the interceptor version how does the standard stern look like? Is it fully enclosed or fully open? Is the cockpit self-bailing? Again, thank you.
  5. It looks like someone changed their mind again. The quoted price of a Laser on LP's website went up again to $4995 for the race edition and to $5500 for the XD with the composite upper. $4190 was too good to me true.
  6. I recommend checking out the Hamburger Segel Club: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamburger_Segel-Club It has one of the largest 505 fleets in Germany and regular Wednesday night dinghy racing.
  7. The C5 rig is definitely faster than the 4.7. So, the big question is: How does it compare to the Radial? If the C5 is close in performance to the Radial the two rigs could race together at club regattas and other lower tier regattas. That would allow younger kids and light weight adults to be part of the game. This could help with growth of the class for two reasons: 1) Retain more kids who just do not want to sail Optis any more and 2) give adults who are new to dinghy sailing a less intimidating point of entry. Sailing a Laser in anything over 12 knots is intimidating for anyone doing it fo
  8. Just finished watching this video. I highly recommend it to everybody! It is long, but every minute of it is full of detailed information from the sea trials in Valencia to the current FRAND discussion, the termination of LP as a builder, the new Radial bottom section and the development of the C5 rig. The FRAND part starts about 22 minutes in.
  9. Well, the German Yacht had it 10 days earlier... https://www.yacht.de/magazin/heft_info/enthuellt-dehlers-radikaler-hochsee-renner/a117752.html
  10. Link to the rules: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lu53sYb6FLhQ3TCxw2uSpPBWXSmw1bmh/view
  11. Kristian, What is the design crew weight for the two-up mode? Is it in the 280-320 ibs (127-145kg) range? Similar to a Vanguard 15 in the US (and maybe an RS 200)? Thanks!
  12. Here is an observation: Based on reported RS Aero regatta results, all three rig sizes are actually sailed, but the 7 rig draws the majority of sailors and has the deepest fleets. Watching the video from day 2 of the Melges 14 midwinters (https://www.melges.com/?p=news&id=3072), I only spotted one mid-size 7 rig, no 5 rigs, almost all boats used the large 9 rig. So, maybe the Melges rather attracts the larger sailors whereas the RS Aero rather targets the Laser crowd.
  13. I signed up for the Melges 14 newsletter last year. In the email Melges sent out in February, they wrote that "Last year we built over 100 Melges 14s! This year is shaping up to be another great year for the new fleet with lots of 14s already in production. We recently shipped out 3 of these speed machines to Japan, and in the current production line we're building 10 bound for Germany."
  14. One big advantage the Melges 14 has over some of the other small single handers is the roomy cockpit that gives plenty of leg room. That is the main reason why I would like to give the Melges a go sometime this summer. I am 6'4 and I do not like yoga. So leg room is high on my list. lonbordin wrote a great review of the Melges 14 and RS Aero a few months back: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=173996&p=5342976 I hope both boats will be successful in the US.
  15. I am not sure whether the weight comparison is correct. The German sailing magazine "YACHT" lists the "all up weight" of the Melges 14 as 54kg and compares it to 80kg for the Laser, 45kg for the RS Aero and 61kg for the Devoti Zero. Yacht issue 8, 2016.
  16. flyhigh

    rs aero

    The RS Aero class rules are available on the rs site: http://rssailing.com/uploads/files/032015/55156bd871174931ff000009/original/RS_Aero_Class_Rules_V_1.3_March_2015.pdf?1427467223 Section C.1.4 is interesting. "A competitor shall always have the right to use a smaller sail during a handicap series without disqualification." That basically gives a reefing option during a multi event series.
  17. flyhigh

    rs aero

    Pete, on the videos you mention a few times that one of the 9 sailors weighs 98kg. Could you comment a bit on the weight of the 5 sailors? Are they in the weight range of Laser 4.7 sailors or below that?
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