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  1. But that's true of any sink hole, errr I mean yacht. But for such an impressive and historic yacht, I consider it a bargain.
  2. Because everyone has a price. Not suggesting I support the rule, just pointing out that national pride only stretches so far.
  3. Agreed. I still think this is all a negotiating ploy by Dalton.
  4. Honestly nope. Wellington harbour absolutely gets some days suitable for AC75s, but fuck all compared to the land of Jaffa. The cup final would take a month or more.
  5. Never happen sadly. Firstly ETNZ are based in Auckland, secondly the investment in infrastructure has already been made and thirdly they'd have to raise the wind limit to Force 5.
  6. Yup, prolly not live tho. I think calling BA a good helmsman is a pretty serious understatement. I think he is quite feasibly better than Burling, but IMO (<- Note here opinion not fact) he needs to check his ego at the door and focus on one role and do it well.
  7. Not many, but they are hot ones.
  8. Fuck that took a long time. Oh well, good. As soon as he bought Sun he started trying to fuck people over with their IP. If I remember correctly the basis of the argument was that some methods had the same signature, right?
  9. I think its the other way around. Imagine the disaster if Burling and Tuke took over the CEO role.
  10. No way. We've given him the lobotomy and taught him how to shag sheep already. Besides with an Italian name I think @strider470would like to make a claim for him.
  11. Fairynuff. Is that the Android vs Java thing? Its the only lawsuit I can think of between them but that started 10 years ago didn't it?
  12. If you take that approach to life, you should sell your car, phone, computer and pretty much everything else you own cos there are total cunts in practically every supply chain.
  13. Naturally although how much of that is the wider team needs to be considered. In terms of all time, it is Coutts IMO.
  14. Are you new here? Aside from that, the same opinion has been expressed by the commentators during the cup and even our good mate Mozzy and his friends. I think you need to be less precious about criticism towards INEOS. I suggest that you take a look through my posts since the cup ended to see how to properly critique your own team. It would be generous to describe my attacks on ETNZ since the cup as scathing.
  15. So as a leader in 2013 he did not contribute to the winning of the cup but as a leader in 2021 he is largely responsible for the failure? Sure, seems legit. LOL! There is nothing like objective rational thought. And THAT is nothing like objective rational thought.
  16. Clearly we don't, however I DID present it as an opinion rather than fact.
  17. So you can't be objective about his talents? Even I think Coutts is the best skipper in cup history despite thinking he's a total cunt.
  18. Indeed. Nothing wrong with stating an incontrovertible fact that the boat was slower. I don't personally think Holroyd is the major culprit. I suspect there is a larger problem with the team's culture that is the root cause.
  19. Well I hope you are correct. Despite being incredibly annoyed with their current behaviour regarding trying to force the AC75 upon the next 2 cups, I would like to see them endure and reinvent themselves. However for that to happen I think they need to find a suitable replacement for Dalton whose ethics are less fungible.
  20. I'm sure that the RNZYS aren't any happier with the prospect of an overseas defense than anyone else. However, they're a passenger for the most part and will bite the pillow like everyone else.
  21. Except you forget that Simmer got Orifice to the point where they had the better boat. If they had a dog, then it wouldn't matter who they'd brought on board.
  22. I'm not referring to the potential loss of emirates as a sponsor but rather when Dalton inevitably steps away from the team. IMO it is not his leadership that they will miss the most, but his ability to raise funding. ETNZ would have most likely folded after 2003 without him and I believe they will fold when he eventually retires.
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