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  1. Also have living will/power of attorney easily found in home. Recently very elderly distant relative died comfortably surrounded by family at home. EMS was notified per rules and they were getting ready to do CPR when all the very adult grandkids had to stop them
  2. ER guys have a separate board. Not sure how their recertification works. Cheers
  3. Talk to your family and legally designate a decision maker. Never assume they will know or even be swayed by an obscure relative tattooing DNR on chest does not work Do a living will. Importantly spell it out. Most say if no chance then stop. Almost everyone has a chance. Put time limits. Have it easily available Progressing on ventilator or regressing, medication codes as opposed to compressions it would make the staffs life so much easier also. If we are talking about it it is heading that way usually. most of use to not want to inflict pain by breaking ribs and wish
  4. Not always. Exam covers all general surgery. Head and neck. Colorectal. Vascular. Trauma. Gut etcetera. Run meeting focuses on burn. College meeting is very broad but usually go to sessions on topics that relate to what I do. Trauma, ICU care, burns and general surgery Our morbidity and mortality meetings touch on transplant and colorectal and vascular but not some of the other things. So doing practice books hits the other subjects
  5. We are supposed to have 50 hours a year continue medical education for the state. A national conference will get you about half that and there are many CME opportunities in the hospital. The Board of surgery wants about a third of that to be self assessment, read and answer questions. Since medicine changes rapidly there is much new info. On the boards i just took some references were this year and there were even questions relating to COVID
  6. Thank you. I was too lazy to check. It's an honor for my spelling to be corrected by the champion
  7. yeah but we got the Haga Sofia (sp?) because he felt bad afterwards
  8. I have seen lpeople hit by lightning and nothing else around them burned. Closest to the picture displayed. I will take it to SHC anarchy next
  9. Not sure I believe in spontaneous combustion
  10. Retook my recertification for my surgical boards. Used to be a all day test for a 10-year certification. Original certification was passing a written exam then an oral exam the next year. Now a 40 question exam needing an 80% pass rate, which is good for two years. However it is an open book exam now, but questions very vague. How many others out there need to continue to take continuing credits and an exam? Of course there is a fee also.
  11. What’s the difference between a dead skunk in the road and a dead lawyer in the road? skid marks before the skunk
  12. With regards to Silent Bob what do you call the guy who graduates last in his law school class? tour honor
  13. Yeah. One went normal. Usually sideways. Tried to double click to spin but just added more. Can't figure it out on iPad.
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