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  1. Always likes "life during wartime"
  2. Spoke with someone today who does security. He stated some of these may go back years to get around back ups. That way can't "go back to the system a few days ago" and get back to normal. Plus some systems are very old. Scary
  3. No. All bone. Good catching
  4. Hate to see him and two dozen cougars sink
  5. Doesn’t he have that That floating truck thing?
  6. https://6abc.com/2-dead-after-boat-with-25-aboard-capsizes-in-san-diego/10570133/
  7. https://6abc.com/2-dead-after-boat-with-25-aboard-capsizes-in-san-diego/10570133/
  8. Traded my 3 series hardtop in for an X5. Miss putting too down. Was nearing 100k on it (2011). Didn’t want to pay to get rear seals fixed as starting to leak. Sad though. I know I will miss it this year
  9. latter Edison DC, Westinghouse/Tesla AC Edison is said to have electrocuted an old circus elephant with AC and secretly fund the electric chair to be made with AC power to demonstrate how much more lethal it was than DC
  10. Driver probably crashed and ran i find it ironic Tesla runs on DC batteries
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