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  1. Wonder if this will stick.
  2. Pretty sure he will run. Prison, tax returns etc...Insurrection...yawn. People will remember this current term idiocy, pull out, Pelosi $,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$, immigration problems, calling moms terrorists for speaking out at school boards and the only real question is who will Trump run with. DeSantis, Noem. Scot I know you will read this and go nuts but this is a very real scenario.
  3. Love watching the Dems eat themselves.
  4. So sad, Bill was a true gentleman and I am grateful to have been friends with him. I hope he is sailing down waves on Holua in 25 right now. Condolences to all of his friends and family. RIP Bill.
  5. Pete taught Thorpe a lesson. Do not claim the race is over when you have 800 miles to go.
  6. Thorpe counted his chickens too early, Horizon is going to pass him boat for boat!
  7. Horizon or Triumph will win overall! Go Horizon!
  8. The end is near in many ways.
  9. Says 56, but it is from a limited number of people, you say 3...whatever. I really dont give a shit. I know Scooter, we have been friends for a long time. Scot loaned me the Mighty 'Angry Red Planet' and when we won SD yachting Cup with that bitchen boat I became friends. This was in 1985. I have supported this site and helped in anyway I could to get the readership up so he could succeed. I am happy to help Tempesta continue to get readership. Some think it is trolling including Scott himself, but I ask, why does it matter? Open dialogue is all that matters. The insane Liberals on th
  10. Yeah right. Let me ask, have you ever sailed on a yacht then?
  11. Hey Beach Boy lover.....so quick to judge.
  12. Tell em your religion does not allow you to work Fridays!
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