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  1. Says 56, but it is from a limited number of people, you say 3...whatever. I really dont give a shit. I know Scooter, we have been friends for a long time. Scot loaned me the Mighty 'Angry Red Planet' and when we won SD yachting Cup with that bitchen boat I became friends. This was in 1985. I have supported this site and helped in anyway I could to get the readership up so he could succeed. I am happy to help Tempesta continue to get readership. Some think it is trolling including Scott himself, but I ask, why does it matter? Open dialogue is all that matters. The insane Liberals on th
  2. Yeah right. Let me ask, have you ever sailed on a yacht then?
  3. Hey Beach Boy lover.....so quick to judge.
  4. Tell em your religion does not allow you to work Fridays!
  5. The thought of taking guns away is never going to come to pass.
  6. Amazed how many crazed Democrats there are in the SA Forums.
  7. PS, the person, the one person that gave my profile all 53 negative hits is exactly what I am talking about.
  8. To say that all conservatives are “hate, racism, exclusion, divisiveness etc” is utter bullshit. To say that I am is complete bullshit. I volunteer time to kids, donate a good chunk of money to philanthropic causes and fund many random GoFund Me campaigns. That is where you have it wrong Scot. I consider you a progressive thinker but to package anyone who is conservative into the media ‘trumped up’ package that you spew is wrong. Try being a better Democrat and understand that someone else's perspective may differ from yours. That is the problem with the Democratic party right now. The
  9. Pretty well. Here in Santa Barbara we have ousted a few from the district. The swamp is being drained.
  10. I love my AR, SKS, Mac-90 and other large caliber handguns.
  11. Scooter pie, as a longtime supporter of SA my favorite picture ever was the one where Scots shit was thrown on his front lawn by a tranny.
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