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  1. I definitely Vote the Hendo, Very cool boats to get into and race. Lots of Personal Tweaking to do if you wanted. Also having a trailer is never a bad thing. lot of unique features, also Melges 32 parts do fit on the boat, One thing to do is look at the rudder bearings which can be upgraded to Melges 32 bearings, pretty much a direct drop in. The outboard in the well is a nice feature if you don't want to deal with an inboard. The articulated Bow Sprit also great for long downwind, for can racing leave it centered. Also the Running Back Stays are for trimming and not overly structural so
  2. Good Afternoon EWS

    I saw your post about turboing the 1D35 and it mentioned any interested parties should message you about how best to go about it. I'm currently looking to upgrade boats from a Martin 242 to an offshore boat with an eye to NW racing Van Ilse oregon offshore ext ext 

    There is a 1d35 (the shadow) for sale in Vancouver that I'm looking at with an eye towards turboing it.  The other thing i was wondering was could your "kit" be adapted to a similar boat such as an SR33?  there is also 1 SR33 for sale in Vancouver.

  3. Thought Id bump the thread a bit, I'm looking at buying the hendo that is sitting in Seattle at the moment, I was wondering if anyone could provide some in site into this specific boat it used to be called Kaizen. If I buy it she will be homed in Vancouver Canada altho Id love to take it to key west eventually and play with of you on the east cost. At the moment looking to get the boat kitted for ORC and PHRF NW. I'm just curious if anyone can provide any in-site into if (As show in pic) there is water ingress into the boat thru the top of if the large amounts of sunlight seep
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