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  1. A lap of Goose Island and a blowy southwesterly was always fun to watch.
  2. Novasail NS Start. Great for pinging the start line.
  3. Dino


    Had a beer with Marieke and her crew two years ago while cruising the Southwest Coast of Ireland. Very cool and talented lady. She travels around doing concerts on the back of her boat. The piano lifts on hydraulics from the aft cabin onto the aft deck. I think she is in Scotland this summer but heading back to the north of France soon.
  4. Transatlantic, maybe shorthanded or even singlehanded Atlantic circuit Cross the Pacific with a stop at Easter Island Bring my SB20 to Lake Garda for a Worlds/Euros Sail a J Class - sailed a regatta on a 140ft schooner and it was epic Transpac on something quick
  5. Sad to hear of his passing. I only heard recently that he spent his recent years boating on Lough Ree
  6. I recently got my hands on a Torqeedo Travel 801. A friends dad had it lying in his garage for 8 years. I tried charging it but it wouldn’t take a charge. Has anyone bought new battery cells online and replaced them?
  7. I raced a 44.7 around 15 years ago, mainly offshore. It was a popular boat in Australia/NZ back then and had good results offshore. We found it very tender in any breeze over 14-16 knots. We were reefing the main at 18 knots and going to a number 3 jib. I certainly didn’t perform offshore like the owners previous 40.7, which was a much better boat offshore. It turned out that the successful 44.7’s were heavily modified with bigger masthead kits for light stuff and the heads in the bow was almost fully removed.
  8. CorkTom, Sunburn in Howth has just come on the market. https://www.apolloduck.ie/boat/jeanneau-sun-fast-32/650072
  9. Sunfast 32 for sale here.. new Raymarine kit and recent North sails https://www.tingdeneboatsales.net/boat-spec.php?BoatID=7598765 i used to race one back about 15-20 years ago. They are a great boat, well balanced and well kitted out.
  10. Elan 31 is a great boat too. Good IRC rating and competitive round the cans with enough comfort for a couple or small family to cruise. There’s a Sunfast 32i for sale on Apolloduck in the UK that might suit. Not sure how the perform on IRC.
  11. Neither are really suited to cruising. They might have somewhere to sleep and make a cup of tea and they will be able to cover some mileage while cruising but they are both designed to have a sizeable crew on the rail. There’s nowhere comfortable to sit in the cockpit and you’d have to store your anchor down below. You might be better off buying a cruiser/racer like a Sunfast/31.7/Dehler 34, etc. There’s a HB31 for sale in Cork that might be a better bet. I am a fan of the J35 but it’s probably a better offshore boat than a round the cans machine. A lot depends on what boats you want to
  12. I was in touch with Rodney a few months ago. I’ll try him again.
  13. Here’s my old Pearson Finn project. I think she’s a 1960’s boat. It was in Ireland since new as far as I know. Sail number IR10. It came with an old wooden mast. I’m looking for a Needlespar mast and boom and a sail if anyone in Ireland or the UK is selling one. I’ve started to strip the boat back and I’ve done some sanding.
  14. I picked up an old 1960’s GRP Finn earlier this year. I think it’s an old Pearson that was build in the UK. The boat needs a pretty serious restoration but looking forward to getting stuck into it soon. Here’s two sketches that were posted on a Finn Facebook group, sorry the quality is not great
  15. Thanks for the reply. I’ve got some of the correct wax now so I’ll try that in the mix and add another layer.
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