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  1. So just exchange the foil arms and the rig and they would be the same boats?
  2. When foiling water length does not matter, and larger sails does not really matters for top speed. Weight and Sail size are mainly important for take off speed. Righting moment matters as a factor limiting sail size. But still AC40 is supposed to be 7knots slower given ideal conditions than AC75. What is causing that ?
  3. Downsizing (to 45) makes shopping much cheaper.
  4. This with a wing-mast https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2021/04/27/launch-of-maxi-banque-populaire-xi/
  5. Agree, commentary was bad. But the whole fleet race is hard to follow, too many things happening at the same time, so commenting can't be easy.
  6. For me it is quite clear. If you want to have many competitors - no nationality rule. If you want to have fewer (and increase your chance to win) you have a nationality rule (and adjust it to be optimal for you). As a Swede - I was a bit sad that Artemis (or formally KSSS) couldn't participate. One reason was the nationality rule, but the big one was that you had to train in your own waters (which basically is impossible in Sweden during winter).
  7. Alinghi is also out (and most likely any nation with icy winters if the AC36 rules are maintained).
  8. I do neither like their nationality rules. This not only drives up cost for others and limit competition (which is understandable from their perspective), but it also increase nationalistic tendencies which I do not like.
  9. If you want many challengers you cannot have nationality rules, in particular if they are enforced from today. Bye bye to all Swedish challengers.
  10. Great data. Looks like American Magic could have done really well in case they hadn't crashed.
  11. Exactly what all teams (except TNZ) agreed to at AC35.
  12. If I remember correctly Il moro de Venezia built five boats and had a budget of $43M (in 1992), not sure anyone would do that today even if it was allowed as computer simulations have got so much better. I guess the biggest cost-savings for newcomers would be to have access to the software used by the current teams. But how that would be enforced I have no idea.
  13. Good question. Would be interesting to know the breakdown of the $100M budgets. I'd guess that the real cost is in the majority is for the design team (50 people for 4 years probably costs > $40M), so any significant cut would probably need to come from that. One design might help (not sure it did for Bermuda) - but this would also make it less exciting. I personally would like less motors and more grinders/cyclists as I do not think motors belong on a sailing boat. Perhaps that would be doable for a smaller version of the AC75, but that probably would make the boat less stable.
  14. Thanks for your insights, will be exciting sailing soon (I hope).
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