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  1. I checked again today in much stronger wind. At the server the current between pin 16 (screen) and pin 14 (yellow) was .1 volts. The voltage between pin 16 and 15 (white) varied from 2.0 to 3.5 volts and varied with the swing of the boat on the mooring. Coming from the mast, I got the same pattern with screen and yellow reading a constant .94 volts and between white and screen it varied from 2.3 (more North West) and 3.5 (North). I am assuming that the transducer is not providing wind speed information but I am not quite sure why I am seeing the voltage that I am. If the windspeed da
  2. Thanks for the reply- it took me a couple of days to get to the boat. I have a server and Multi Control instrument. The wind instrument is connected to the server. Unfortunately the wind was not very strong. There is a kind of bus near the mast where the line was cut and joined on each side. The manual says that the voltages should not be 0 or 5 and be between 1 and 5 volts. On the white wire I get voltages between 1 and 1.5 and on the yellow wire I get a very steady 0.94 volts.
  3. I don't go through the posts but just loop over the horn. The chocks are completely closed so not any chance of the loop coming off the cleat. The load on the splice is what you'd want.
  4. I have an old nexus instruments system v. 1.0 from the late 90s. The wind speed/direction display stopped working this past winter. I have checked the voltages as outlined in the manual at the display and they appear to be within acceptable ranges. When I power up the instruments (there are multiple transducers for depth, speed, etc. and a multi control), the wind direct and speed appear. The speed starts dropping very quickly and dispappears after maybe 10 seconds. The wind direction appears to be correct but disappears after about 40 seconds. Does anyone have any ideas about where to
  5. I have the st4000 autohelm and the rubber boot and connector to the motor drive has fallen apart. There is a replacement cable A18061 that is not too pricey but the connector seems to be of pretty poor quality to break down so quickly. Has anyone found a replacement connector that will either fit directly into the motor drive unit or one where both sides of the plug can be replaced fairly cleanly? It is a two pin connector.
  6. I am curious about diesel electric technology for sailboats. Can diesel generators be sized to match electric motors and batteries so that it makes sense or is there too much power loss?
  7. Last year I bought a vinyl mesh tarp with a 50% shading rating. I hung it off the Bimini behind the back stay when motoring with the sun behind the boat. Helped to keep the helm comfortable but you can see through it. They are cheap online and it is easy to add grommets.
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