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  1. Sad to hear of her passing. Truly a lovely and distinct voice, a beautiful woman, and remarkably talented performer.
  2. I think it was because he couldn't rationalize having a fifth built.
  3. A friend lost his rigging on his Hunter 380. Replacement mast and boom are easy to find but we need a source to manufacture the tie rods that connect the D1s to the hull. These are roughly 0.56 diameter 3 ft long with threads on one end and a plate/tang welded on the other end. Hunter did provide him with a drawing. He and the boat are in Alabama (rig is at the bottom of the Gulf), so looking for a source in the states. I would guess that any decent machine shop could make these, but no harm in asking if anyone has some suggested sources?
  4. Creepy pic. Chuck Hughes died on the field, heart attack. Early 70s I think.
  5. Who hasn't considered a Polka-based Floyd act.
  6. Maybe consider the western side of the Great Loop? Since you're starting from the gulf side of FL this option might have some appeal. Even more so if your destination was the Lake Michigan side of Michigan. Anyway, a friend had to move his boat (a Hunter 380) from Detroit, MI to Mobile, AL this past fall. His first consideration was to go full St. Lawrence Seaway route then south around Florida. From a practical and timing standpoint, this was a no-go. Due to scheduled closures along the Erie canal the timing window he had obviated the ICW route, and the re-opening of some Chicago area lo
  7. True about the string. At the very least the string should have been wrapped in duct tape. That would show to the women that he is handy.
  8. The Red Green suspenders are a nice touch, but isn't a flannel shirt required? Didn't watch the entire video, was the cameraman's name Harold, by chance?
  9. From Harbor 20 to Esse 850. This thread sure narrows it down. Is the "traditional" appearance thing still a factor?
  10. I'm just under 6 feet. When I go from my Ranger 26, which has pygmy headroom, to a friend's O'day 27 the O'day feels like a cathedral. But at your height I can see where it might feel limiting. Never heard of anyone adding a pop-top to an existing boat, but anything is possible if you have the checkbook. I would guess the market value of your O'day is not too much. And the cost to make a pop-top would cost well more than the boat is worth without adding any value. But it still sounds like a cool idea. I would think most glasswork places wouldn't find this to be an insurmountable prob
  11. White Water Marine in MI can do what you want. https://whitewatermarineinc.com/ I've used them for various special designs. Always good work.
  12. A friend did some similar work on his boat. On the exterior he used some 1/8th inch (maybe a bit thicker) aluminum plate to cover the old mounting area and fit the new displays. After sizing the plate, rounding the edges, adding the needed cutout and some mounting holes, he had the plate powder coated in a red color he thought was complementary to the boat. On the interior he used an easily-removable wood panel to cover the old mounting area. It was stained to somewhat match the rest of the interior. Ended up looking pretty good, except for the powder coating which was a shade or so off w
  13. Helped haul a Capri 26 the other day. I had never seen this model boat before and was surprised how attractive it appeared on the water. I thought it was a very nice looking boat, in more of a modern sense, not in a traditional manner. This boat had an inboard which due to the reverse transom probably makes more sense than an outboard. Enclosed head and minimalist interior are nice touches. Cockpit appeared to be fairly roomy. All in all it took me by surprise. Probably would fit the budget if the non-traditional look isn't a deal breaker. I'm guessing the performance might be a bit lacki
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