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  1. There is no vaccine for the most common coronavirus, the common cold. You get the sniffles. There is no vaccine for HIV...you either pay for treatment or die a lingering miserable death from AIDS. Somewhere in between is going to be Covid. You might only get the sniffles. Or you might die. Or, you might suffer lingering cardiovascular or neurological issues. Or...you could wear a mask and stay the hell away from people that you don't live with...which is kind of what we told the gay community about HIV until we had a treatment.
  2. The owner of Quantum sails is the major funding source behind the anti government protests in Michigan and Wisconsin. His interests are clearly political. Do his choices impact how you decide to spend your cash? And I’m talking sails, I doubt that many of you are on the Amway guest list.
  3. A few hundred dollars? Nay my friend. My 40 year old FG sailboat came with a pressurized alcohol system and I considered switching to propane but am still sticking with alcohol because of conversion costs.New stove, a good one with an oven. $1000 to $2000. Glassing in a structural isolated airtight tank storage bay that's deck locker accessible, with an overboard drain hole in the bottom. Quoted $1500, do it yourself looked like a big hassle, Installing a solenoid shutoff valve at the tank, ($100-$200) with the control wires accessing the main power distribution panel, panel switch and armed
  4. As the former racing buoy manager for the SF Bay YRA, I spent 7 years chasing wayward buoys. I've had them turn up on Stinson beach 50 miles north, and Pacifica, 15 miles south. ALL of these buoys demonstrated better sailing abilities than Rimas. 28 days and he's under 300 miles away...f me blind.
  5. He is most definitely not aground north of Monterey. You can see virtually 100% of it from the highway. Besides, it's upwind from Monterey, and even if he had managed, he'd already have washed ashore at the foot of Funston or Sloat Avenues. I suspect that one of my friends will come upon a drifting, stalwart Rawson 30 this summer while on the way to HI during the Pac Cup; and it will fuck up their race..or at least their minds.
  6. Except that Garmin has NMEA output as an option. I'm using it as we speak.
  7. Just checking in...still no word on where the f he is eh?
  8. He now plans on leaving SF for Tahiti in October. Fitting out for a passage isn't high on his list of priorities.
  9. It turns out that Rimas has a lot more going for him than the fat chick that gave up 155 miles into her attention whoring row from Japan to CA.
  10. Will someone please donate something really disruptive to Rimas? He needs all of the help he can get.
  11. I am the designer of the equilateral triradial sail. Its intended for those one in a million sailors that don't know what the labels in the corners mean.
  12. In the interest of historical accuracy, he did set out from Hilo with the destination San Francisco and get there.... To be fair, he ended up in Hilo on the way to Mexico.
  13. Imagine how it might have gone without their help. The small things they've done have made a mortal difference. IMHO, if a Mexican can sail a Finn to the Marquesas, then The Voyages of Rimas are like modern chapters of the Odyssey. Hell, even Columbus had to go beg some Spanish broad for money.
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