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  1. darth reapius

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    He-he they are watching to see... buns he -he *shudders* babys and kids
  2. darth reapius

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Oh yeah, I know the numbers. I really meant everything as a conglomerate. A very close friend of my little sisters shot to fame with effectively the business model that this girl has tried to copy. Except unlike this girl she had millions of subs, not a few thousand. She spent her time trying on Bikini's on video, trying Make-up, doing work-outs etc and is on a few different websites farming for cash. She sowed her seeds with the soft-core porn youtube videos and instagram snaps, but reaped a cash crop of patreon subs. Hilariously she went all "healthy at all sizes" a little while ago in the hopes to sell bikini's to women other than beach-goers and went from 1.5 mil subs to 0.75 mil. But then, compared to someone else who I used to see hooping a lot, she made nothing. This one farmed the onlyfans crop and was an OG. Which surprised me because she wasn't hot at all. But I guess people got into that thickness and she became a big insta name. Phat ass pics paid millions compared to the pittance these Patreon folks are making.
  3. darth reapius

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Holy shit that girl loves herself, what garbage. Another one desperate for them youtube $$$
  4. darth reapius

    Sputnik V vaccine 92% efficacy .

    I dunno man, Grigory Rodchenkov was doing great things.
  5. darth reapius

    Somewhat fast boats with standing headroom

    Mine was just a random example, unrelated to OP's. Someone posted a JS9000 in the thread earlier, and I was poking fun at their post and people not answering the original thread correctly. He asked for a 10m boat with standing headroom, and responses were for boats not matching his criteria. I'd offer to help, but TBH, OP is in Russia... I think, and all my suggestions will be like, pending budgetary, Northshore 33 for cheap, Sydney 32 for expensive.
  6. darth reapius

    Somewhat fast boats with standing headroom

    This why you don't ask these questions IMO. You ask a question on this forum like - "I need a race boat, 9m long max (to fit in my pen), no accommodation, designed to suit 1-2 crew for inshore windward leeward racing". Gets answers like: "Get a Hunter 32" "Nah Melges 32 is way faster get one of those AND it sails to it's rating" "I love my Beneteau First 30 (JK)" "Nah First 36.7 will be way better to stay on at a regatta" "Sunfast 3200 hands down" When in reality, clearly the right answer to that question is JS9000.
  7. darth reapius

    I'm Giving This Away...

    I swear if I had a dollar for every time a client said something like this. As though they could just do it themselves, if only they had the time. I wouldn't need to work anymore. Also fine. I present to you, The Prouda Boys. Sorrynotsorry.
  8. darth reapius

    Somewhat fast boats with standing headroom

    Why do multiple people ITT say the SF3200 or 3300 have 184cm headroom? They have like that much headroom in pretty much the only place you don't want it, the aft cabins. The headroom in the saloon is like 170cm max. Apparently all modern boat designers and builders are fucking migits, because not that long ago 6'2" headroom was standard in a 27 footer, now, almost no 33 foot boats have even 6' headroom. Isn't that like 5'10" headroom? I'm 6'1 and wasn't close to standing straight upright in one.
  9. darth reapius

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    That is one of the worst videos I have ever seen. It's pretty much exclusively selfie cam. All the video show's is that they are idiots. Also, hows the prop condition? Fuck me. Is it the shittier people are the more likely they are to start youtube-ing nowadays?
  10. darth reapius

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Can you not comprehend that it's not because one person had it. It's because the one person who did test positive, lived in a 5 person share house, broke the rules and managed to secretly drive for a rideshare app between his shifts as a hotel quarantine worker without being caught, AND in the like 3 days between tests visited and checked into like 20 different major places potentially spreading it to hundreds of people, AND after calling in sick to work, despite awaiting his last test result was supposed to be in isolation still went a visited places like a hair-dresser. Again, it's NOT because one person had it, it's because this person was the super spreader cunt to end all super spreaders, and has probably had thousands of "close contacts" that instead of just a spot shut down (because this guy had been to seemingly half of Perth) and contact tracing, they will shut down everything, for a short period of time, despite having great contract tracing and getting on top of as much as they can. The shut down will have stopped any further mass spread. So instead of the ideocracy that Sydney has been through, where what, hundreds of people in the last month caught covid, it could be just this guy, or just this guy and a few random people around him. Also, guess what? Good, everyone should close their borders to WA. It would be a smart idea. If this fuck-stick has caught the faster spreading version, and has been in contact with so many people, then great, any chance to stop it from getting anywhere, and keeping your businesses open as normal, is a great thing, and oh well not long and they will be re-opened, but only once everything here is sorted. I do not hear a single person here complaining about the lock-down, nor do I hear anyone complaining about shut borders. Everyone still on a high from an almost 11 month streak of no cases. I guess the only complaint is all the old fuck-wits who bum-rushed the shops for toilet paper are all worried about their shitty ass-holes. Day 1, zero new cases.
  11. darth reapius

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Just like the snap lockdowns? You mean the ones which worked and made it so they only shut down for a matter of days rather than NSW spot closing and tightening restrictions for months? While other states keep their borders closed to them? Everyone here is happy about the response, I expect they'll be estatic if it's only 5 days and we again resume normality.
  12. darth reapius

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    It'll actually help him, clearly what works is stricter and earlier lock-downs. If this turns into nothin he'll go up in the polls again. From what a ninty something approval rating?
  13. darth reapius

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Bahahahaha fucking Jem Wolfie Why do they even pretend these people are anything in any of those industries, they are all either soft-core or hard-core porn nubs. At least Alexis Texas is somewhat respectable. I guess if I could sell my bath water to people like Belle Delphine I admit I would. Oh well, just let the plebs of society waste their small amount of money on the trash of society.
  14. darth reapius

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Pivo - "I literally don't know what I am doing" Also Pivo - "I didn't think it would be like this" Pivo - "We bought a boat way too big for beginners" Also Pivo - "I cannot believe how expensive this part is"