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  1. Oh absolutely, but then very early signs of osmosis means a fairly minimal amount of work, could be a light sand back, a tiny bit of fill, epoxy barrier coating and anti-fouling, a days extra work on your usually yearly haul-out. You let those blisters turn the hull into a golf-ball with tennis ball sized blisters... That becomes an absolutely monster job, hence why SO many boats from the 60's, 70's and 80's are landfill. But these people are saying "just leave it" to me is somewhat mortifying, all problems are easier solved now and harder solved later.
  2. By design, the styling was pretty nice. I won't agree on layout etc, it's surprisingly non-functional for such a huge and clunky boat (for it's size). But I guess it's target audience isn't any of us. I assume it's for people who own a boat like this, but fancy themselves in a bond movie.
  3. It's more the issue of someone publicly being like "hey osmosis on the boat (which on this one is LARGE bubbles) damn the hull is soft here, oh well, just paint over it, no big deal". It's another idiot who see's that and goes, "oh boat with no-longer structural hull, that doesn't matter". It's just the anti-vax shit all over again, idiot posts video on the internet which isn't factual, idiot see's the video and agrees with it, tells everyone about it, and it spreads like cancer.
  4. Holy shit, in my 30 second skip through... did I just see them buy a boat with major osmosis and just paint over it.... JFC. What is it about the least qualified people doing this stuff and being the ones to publicise it??????!!!!! Also, have said it before and I'll say it again, it is so fucking un-genuine and people see straight through it, that if you came into this with the intention of making money through it (their first video ever made has a "buy us a beer" link) then people will see straight through it and therefor won't give money. Edit, also they have a comment where they
  5. Hey, Kanye West is a "musician" but he never actually made money doing it. His fashion has made him worth something like $6.5 billion. A mate of my sisters has transitioned from the youtube videos and instagram work-outs to her own Bikini line, marketed through... those channels, to, exactly her clientele. She's making even better money now, turns out, women spend a lot of money on clothes.
  6. Correction, AT&T and Commcast are paying them not to speak about it.
  7. A friend knows them and showed me their first video when it came out. They specifically stated that "everyone told them not to do it" that "it cannot be done" and "that it would be a waste of time" "given the boat is past it's life expectancy" and "that the boat is scrap and it would be easier and cheaper to build a new one from scratch". They are specifically doing it to spite those people and save this once great vessel. Ironically, it was never great, they are just idiots.
  8. Who doesn't carry a healthy tube of under-water usable "knead-it" in their boat?!?! I get it, it's a whole ten dollars, but literally all of these "we are sinking" incidents like Zingaro's and Pluckys would have been solved exceptionally well with the stuff and of course been an excellent temporary fix. Who doesn't have ten dollars? I wipe my ass with ten dollars.
  9. He-he they are watching to see... buns he -he *shudders* babys and kids
  10. Oh yeah, I know the numbers. I really meant everything as a conglomerate. A very close friend of my little sisters shot to fame with effectively the business model that this girl has tried to copy. Except unlike this girl she had millions of subs, not a few thousand. She spent her time trying on Bikini's on video, trying Make-up, doing work-outs etc and is on a few different websites farming for cash. She sowed her seeds with the soft-core porn youtube videos and instagram snaps, but reaped a cash crop of patreon subs. Hilariously she went all "healthy at all sizes" a little while ago in
  11. Holy shit that girl loves herself, what garbage. Another one desperate for them youtube $$$
  12. I dunno man, Grigory Rodchenkov was doing great things.
  13. Mine was just a random example, unrelated to OP's. Someone posted a JS9000 in the thread earlier, and I was poking fun at their post and people not answering the original thread correctly. He asked for a 10m boat with standing headroom, and responses were for boats not matching his criteria. I'd offer to help, but TBH, OP is in Russia... I think, and all my suggestions will be like, pending budgetary, Northshore 33 for cheap, Sydney 32 for expensive.
  14. This why you don't ask these questions IMO. You ask a question on this forum like - "I need a race boat, 9m long max (to fit in my pen), no accommodation, designed to suit 1-2 crew for inshore windward leeward racing". Gets answers like: "Get a Hunter 32" "Nah Melges 32 is way faster get one of those AND it sails to it's rating" "I love my Beneteau First 30 (JK)" "Nah First 36.7 will be way better to stay on at a regatta" "Sunfast 3200 hands down" When in reality, clearly the right answer to that question is JS9000.
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