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  1. No it's not, pandemics over. A lovely older gentleman from my club spent our Winter over in Greece, sailing to all the islands, seemed like no issues at all in his write up about it.
  2. No. I think the vast majority will agree that virtually no one could have done worse than Scomo.
  3. Hahahaha The following statement was made by the Water Police Commissioner here in WA. “It is critical that anyone venturing into the water considers their safety, which should include some form of life-vest and an EPIRB. This was following an incident where a couple of people crabbing. SCOOP NET CRABBING, in knee deep water found themselves stranded in waist deep water. Literally, the water police commissioner here thinks that people doing this ^ should wear a life-jacket and EPIRB.
  4. 9/10 people in WA have already been giggling at the rest of the world.
  5. It has to happen at some point... 2200 cases with 95%+ vax rate now is very different to the 1600 cases a few months ago. UK for example. High case numbers are meaningless, and as they get higher the population builds natural immunity as well. As Mr Smith said...
  6. Even solo I'm always OCS
  7. Growth in rudder bearings god fucking damn that sucks. The growth happening here at the moment is insane, the guys racing I catch them cleaning their bottoms WEEKLY.
  8. Wait until a 30' carbon foiling trimaran which magically costs $99,999.00 shows up with a $1.00 set of North 3DI sails.
  9. The only thing killing Sail GP is the god damn, mother fucking commentators. Fuck me, I think the video presentation is decent but needs work.... But it is impossible to listen to that trash.
  10. For the practical, comfort motivated buyer who does't care so much for performance or appearance. Am I talking about New Balance shoes or Hunter Yachts? Even I don't know.
  11. I'm surprised by their maturity, I can't believe I don't see a penis drawn on it.
  12. Also order locally. I personally don't recommend ordering sails from a sail-maker in a foreign country who offers a price better than anyone else in the world.
  13. They fell for an obvious scam. They went with some foreign sail-maker 3 continents away, over the internet who provided a "too good to be true" price and even paid in full for no product whatsoever. Fuck, they even added to their order after the original product ordered wasn't delivered. I wonder if they ever fell for the Nigerian prince scam as well? Buy local 101 right here. If you are spending $30k on sails, go to a reputable sail-maker locally, DON'T PAY THEM UNTIL THE SAILS HAVE ARRIVED, ARE ON THE BOAT AND ARE AS ORDERED.
  14. It's being auctioned off for pennies.
  15. Bold of you to assume people don't already try to hit me with chairs.
  16. I'll be up there at some point after all this covid shit, can you please point me in their direction, I need to know where they are so I can avoid them. Thank you in advance.
  17. What we all think of the people living in low income areas low vaccination rate areas.
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