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  1. Yeah, bit shitty numbers by a lot of areas. My LGA is 97% first dosed and 84% second dosed. It's just lazy people. Too bad for them when it spreads and it's too late. They should keep restrictions going for those living in LGA's not in the "goal" percentages.
  2. No evidence of that whatsoever. Doesn't say if they were wearing life jackets. If they weren't wearing life jackets they usually say "they were not wearing life jackets". No other changes to safety equipment would have been accessible anyway if the boat was "suddenly capsized".
  3. FYI Tourism has had it's best 18 months in history here in WA. But seriously, can we not ignore the fact you left your car in Victoria, you really aren't in a position to judge here. She is right, I mean I hate the cunt, but she's right. Everyone will get covid. The same way everyone has caught the flue, the same way everyone gets a handful of infections every year. Covid will just become endemic, and will become the 5th major flu, which will do the rounds every winter. At least this new NSW "leader" is setting some dates. But... The dates are bloody early, and that'll probab
  4. For anyone here who thinks I don't bag out the current government here. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-12/mandatory-life-jackets-for-wa-to-reduce-deaths-at-sea/100532672 This is absolute crap, the people responsible are absolute morons, and the people who voted yes on it have no idea.
  5. 0 cases in fort WA. Highest number of vaccinations in a week in WA as well to pass 70% first and 52% second shots.
  6. He's blaming a comedian for them, but the comedian is going after him because he ripped off his local Italian Club for over a million dollars (allegedly). Well the Clubrooms and land worth over a million dollars and $700k of poker machines.
  7. The Australian public to Gladys: https://tv.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/8f0323c2-04c1-4795-bbb8-13e7b77a0db1
  8. The libs will just throw someone under the bus like they did here, and when it's over dump them like they are an environmental policy.
  9. The Leppington Triangle was purchased by the Commonwealth for $30 million as part of the Western Sydney Airport project a Badgerys Creek The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) was scathing of the deal, because the land was only valued at $3 million. The inquiry heard an intercepted phone call between Mr Maguire and his former partner, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, in which he said he could make $1.5 million in a deal he was working on involving land in Western Sydney.
  10. They are in debt because she gave their money to her rich friends.
  11. The worst, most obviously corrupt politician we have has resigned. How many fucking times did I say she was so corrupt? Way too many. I mean jesus, anyone who saw those ICAC hearing videos could see it. John Barilaro you are next.
  12. Have they decided to become more reasonable with that figure? Could they have assumed, "hey that's what 2 months off at the current rate?"
  13. Has it not occurred to you that maybe the fact the state has gotten to like 65% first doses and 45% second doses that they will probably be a fair bit less extreme in their measures? At some point she, and everyone else who has been following covid zero is going to stop being as strict. Like she wasn't going to do it forever. I mean only a month ago QLD was like half as vaccinated as now, and like another month or so and they will pass the governments targets and to be honest it'll probably take a month for the numbers to really get anywhere absurd... so, she's probably thinking "well, ma
  14. I find that amazing, risk Vs reward. Watch a football game in person Vs 1 year in Jail & $100k fines. Same goes with the Rugby Players, but I mean TBH I expect no less from those brain-dead twits.
  15. Honestly he sounds like someone who works in sales with no engineering background trying to sell you an engineering product who is obsessed with buzz words and just hopes you don't know enough about engineering to see past that.
  16. He's a 25 year old athlete, hes keen to get anything, he actually doesn't care which one, obviously he'd rather wait 3-4 weeks between shots instead of 12. Dudes just busy, works major hours ATM as he's in construction, plays sports a few times a week and bought a new to him house 6 months ago. Regardless he's been eligible for anything for only a matter of weeks and he is about as low risk are you get and he's keen to get jabbed and he lives in WA, he's one of the good people. The point is, we haven't, it is booked out. If the government gives a state 80 vaccines per 100 per
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