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  1. Yes, it would be political suicide not to. Did you see how the WA government said they might keep going with "zero cases goal", everyone had a fucking meltdown. No one will accept any sort of continuing restrictions from here. I mean this is why we locked down, to get everyone vaccinated. Once everyone has their shot, that's it game over. As a very pro-lockdown, pro-restriction person I can tell you, the moment we reach that goal, it's over, no one would have my support to do those things anymore. Like as far as I see it, I'm vaccinated, I did my bit, game over, I ain't doi
  2. It's estimated we reach fully vaccinated by Nov 20 and has maximum immunity, so, given it's been a month since then... We just 'ler er rip'. No lock-down, no border closure, every state stays open, covid cases explode. But we all move on like we should, everyone has been vaccinated who wants to so no one should give a fuck.
  3. You aren't wrong, he's had something like a total of 4 lawsuits against the WA government, 1 is done, 3 more still pursuing... Unconfirmed 100%
  4. It's ongoing actually, it isn't all over, 3 court cases total going through the courts.
  5. I'm going to go out on a limb here but yes I think he can. While he can still implement the other restrictions, ie- literally locking people out. It's just a higher restriction on top of what is already allowed to be implemented. If/when the "state of emergency" or whatever ends then no he probably can't.
  6. Tracking the Covid-19 vaccine rollout in Australia Showing the number of Australians that are fully vaccinated, the federal government's original rollout goal and the 70% and 80% vaccination thresholds set by the government. If the current average rate of 102.0k second doses per day continues, Australia will vaccinate 80% of the 16+ population around 04/12/2021. The government's Operation Covid Shield document suggests the vaccinating 80% of the population aged 16 and over is achievable by December 2021. Last updated 12 August, 2021
  7. Last I saw, road-map phase 3 was 70%, phase 4 was 80% phase 3 was reduced lock-downs etc, phase 4 was removal of all border closures...
  8. The only way it happens is if 80% of people in Australia are vaccinated by then.
  9. Because people keep doing this crap. They really should move onto any one of the newer, faster, cheaper, better boats to own and sail. If people started investing in modern boats and builders instead of archaeology we wouldn't be living in the 40's here, nor would we have this stupid issue.
  10. You wouldn't catch me dead sailing garbage like that, so I guess we won't find out.
  11. Can people please stop building "new" boats designed 70 fucking years ago. This is just silly. Y'all arguing over fossils.
  12. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian warns Sydney’s outbreak will get worse Because the NSW government won't do enough about it, purely out of spite and personal political gain. See you in 5 months when WA is 80% vaccinated. May god have mercy on your souls.
  13. I just watched a start of the Quarter Tonners at Cowes race week. Can someone please explain to me why almost every single one of them had sails worth substantially more than their boats? $5000 leadmines with $20k suites of string sails JFC. Even the Div 1 Performance Keelboats worth $500k only had $20k suites of sails!
  14. UK Restrictions Gone... And Cases are plummeting. I guess high vaccination rates work, who'd have guessed it.
  15. Mate, I've seen "but what's it rate?" Commented beneath a picture of someone tits.
  16. No. I am not implying that, it was a reply to another comment about what I would propose, boats which are MODERN not fucking 70 years old and slow as shit AND which are ATHLETIC and take SKILL to sail. The sailing of boats like the Finn and 470 are more like if the cycling was done on Penny Farthings. The Finn is a fat pig, is a 100% factual statement. Finn - 14' long 107 kg. Melges 14 52 kg. Hell the over 50 year old Laser is 58kgs. I also never questioned the ability of the guys sailing the Finn, I bet all those guys would perform just as well tactically and athletically
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