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  1. Pretty sure the catch phrase of this website is: What's it rate?
  2. No. The MEDIA are the reason people aren't getting the AZ shot. 6 people have died from the shot, in about 6 million people who have had the shot. Statistically it's one of the safest things in the world to put inside your body and is the most used shot worldwide. But every top headline, urgent news bulletin for a month every time it happens is "woman's death linked to AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine". If complacency was the case, then why the fuck is everyone BEGGING for Pfizer shots throughout the nation? Because the media sucked the Viagra charged cock of the mRNA's.
  3. Honestly I am talking about all boats with foils, small or super sized. A local boat was kitted out with foils, and despite only sailing in favourable wind conditions it could not sail to it's rating.
  4. I am probably alone in my thought here... And that's cool. I don't think wind-surfers and kite-boards, should count as "sailing" classes. I think "sailing" means "yachts". I don't know a single person who likes watching either, I know plenty who enjoy participating in either, hell, I have certainly done my fair share of both. Kite boarding and wind surfing should be classed with board sports, ie- Surfing, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Skateboarding etc. All those sports shouldn't be Olympic sports, and should be "X-Games" sports.
  5. Rating adjustments for foils are way too much of a penalty. I have never seen a foil assisted boat sail even close to it's rating. But the traditional maxi's can sail... close-ish to their ratings. It probably is a 2.05 around a course.
  6. You realise this is fucking sailing, not athletics right? I would absolutely propose the most athletic AND skilled boats to sail. I just think that rolling a fat fucking pig downhill is absolutely un-impressive and the whole fucking world agrees. While watching someone hike their guts out on a boat which planes, or trapping on a cat doing 20+ knots is absolutely impressive. Like forgive me if I think this is boring as shit to watch. I think the Olympics should look like: http://www.elwoodsc.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/F18s.jpg
  7. Wait what?! App or TV or Computer? I haven't been able to find jack.
  8. Oh my fucking god. I was actually stoked to watch some of this sailing, given how far the broadcasts have come (the video quality, not the commentating). I could barely tolerate half the boats. Fuck the Finn. Fuck the 470. What absolute garbage sailing. I wish a swift death to all Olympic classes except the Nacra 17. Can we please move on from boats which are 50 to 80 years old? This is actually embarrassing. Can we please change the rules to get rid of all unnatural body movements and positions? Everyone doing it looks like a fucking moron.
  9. Should just take your mask off when going down, and don't stop, that kills the rhythm.
  10. Pretty sure the vax rate has almost everything to do with how many shots were allocated to them. Like here in WA it's just booked out for a couple months. If there were shots available, then the percentage vaxxed would be higher.
  11. NSW records 172 new COVID-19 cases, 60 in community while infectious Both numbers on the rise every day. Gold Standard NSW Right there. Really showing us how it's done right. I really wish McCunt managed our state like that. I'd love to have spent a month in lock-down and still have cases rising. 3 days in lock down and zero cases is just plain boring. The government should take away their vaccines until they lock-down hard enough and give them to us.
  12. So apparently the Aussie host isn't doing replays only live... Where would be best to VPN to, to watch full race replays?
  13. I would absolutely go down the J105 route. But that's because there is 1 unimpressive 3200 sailing here. But if you had a whole bunch of 3200's to race against, I would go for it. Also depends on all the other factors you are looking for. J105 probably better boat to windward and running, 3200 better for reaching.
  14. https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/coronavirus/sydney-covid-death-virus-victim-adriana-midori-takaras-friends-pay-tribute-ng-b881944748z
  15. State Daddy really gave it to the NSW government today in his press conference. Apparently WE are lending them contact tracing people, because theirs aren't up to the task. Which is all because they still aren't doing enough to fix the problem. There is 2 ways to fix this, and NSW is doing neither. They aren't vaccinating enough, and they won't lock down hard enough. Oh well, in 2 months time when this is completely out of hand, maybe they will cave. I wonder if Gladys will at least say "sorry" to the rest of Australia? Oh who am I kidding, of course Koala Killer won't do t
  16. New South Wales will not receive any additional doses of the Pfizer vaccine, but the state will speed up the delivery of first doses. The Premier Gladys Berejiklian asked National Cabinet to "refocus" the vaccine strategy but the other leaders rejected her request for more supplies. Instead, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says NSW will administer more first doses of Pfizer, by increasing the time between the two jabs from three to six weeks.
  17. Pretty sure the difference from 8 weeks to 12 weeks is completely negligible.
  18. Gladys Berejiklian says NSW case numbers would have been in the thousands without snap lockdown Case numbers would be in the zeros if they locked down at the start of their outbreak. Instead... NSW records 110 new COVID-19 cases, 43 infectious while in community
  19. Man, when he went on about hopping trains in that episode, all I could think was "that's how you lose your legs man", not realising he literally lost his legs like that. I don't know if it was mentioned before or what but man, the facepalm when I heard that.
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