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  1. check with RCR Yachts in Buffalo, sounds like a PITA but they know how to get it done
  2. Bernel, stopped coming to LO when Norm Manson had a new Spirit in '76. They were good pals and after, I think 3, Lake Ontario Internationals and a few LYRA's decided the trip wasn't worth it. Spirit had a sistership, Terrier from RCYC with Gordon Fisher, the 3 of them would sit below Spirit, which had cushions and get snot drunk together after the finish. Al joined us for the east coast '79 SORC races, his decision to skip the west coast races worked out as we broke Spirit bad in the FLL race and had to pull out at Ft Myers. Word had just come over the VHF about Obsession. It was a tough
  3. great boat and looks good, but you're missing a bunch of winches.
  4. I bought when sailing was fun a few or so years back. Passed it on to many friends i sailed with back in those days and it brought back great memories and laughs for all of us. Now i loan it to newer sailors and they think it's all BS.
  5. Sol's last few posts - when sailing was fun
  6. LYRA 2015 had good breeze in Sodus next year LYRA is at RYC
  7. LYRA was well run and fun, thanks WYC, neat place and great people
  8. is the lorc website metric? I am finding it hard to follow
  9. Last time LYRA was at Whitby i had planned to finish the centennial and then turn left and do founders, but it was cancelled with only 2 entries. That will be my plan again this year so i hope more from TO will sign up.
  10. yup - you doing centennial / freeman?
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