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  1. And the phone book is four pages.
  2. I heard over a $100 mil, since the plotters were asking for $25...that would leave them impoverished.
  3. Eminently sensible, so it hasn't a chance.
  4. Someone must have tried. I know it's impossible to clean one by any means I had available.
  5. I'd say more well-oiled than well regulated. It seems they had very few regulations that applied to the top of the pyramid.
  6. Well, yeah. He's not gay. If he's going to get a BJ Matt is far behind Ghislaine in the field.
  7. No, that was Bravo². He is probably here as just another sock with a 72 IQ.
  8. He prefers raving bullshit, like in the Turnip years?
  9. I have replaced three mixing elbows, all were choked solid with deposits. None of them had any visible corrosion issues, so I went with a cast iron elbow again a couple of weeks ago. I really don't see how the stainless elbow is much of a bonus when they clog instead of rot.
  10. Edwardian? Our boat came with shredded upholstery also.
  11. I remember the last time this came through here, years ago. It hasn't improved with age.
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