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  1. I think Fuckin' 2nd A would be more accurate.
  2. It continues to rain here. Fortunately, we're on high ground with good runoff, and we're the lightest area of the downpour. Another four or five days of this coming...
  3. It's that need to be "fair and balanced" when one side is a bunch of liars, crackpots, and criminals.
  4. It has certainly brought the loons out of the woodwork. Who would have thought there would be that many who would deny settled science?
  5. It's escalating nicely. I think it's great that Lin Wood recorded a lot of phone calls. https://www.thedailybeast.com/qanon-hero-michael-flynn-secretly-said-qanon-is-total-nonsense?ref=home
  6. Speed thinking. I had Omicron, twice. I had a 50mm and a 75mm. They were decent lenses, but not on the same level as Schneider, Rodenstock, or Nikkor.
  7. That's why Canadians and Australians are a bunch of sniveling cowards willingly loading themselves into the cattle cars.
  8. To think that this loon was an admiral and the White House doctor. Only the best people.
  9. 142% vaccinated. Vaccination doesn't stop you getting Covid, it reduces the chance of getting it and reduces the severity. You probably know this, but it doesn't stop you spreading bullshit.
  10. Eventually it will be one guy with 400 million guns.
  11. 9 mm? Wouldn't it be a .223 round from that rifle? As in, massive internal damage.
  12. This is a very good and very long article, detailing the organizational aspects of the Capitol insurrection. One of a few unlocked articles by Seth Abramson, the gist is that the aim was to occupy the Capitol long enough for Trump's team to get enough states to withdraw their slates of electors and turn the election over to Trump. I hope the 1/6 Committee reads Abramson.
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