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  1. That's a small fortune in Winterpeg.
  2. I'm sure his lawyers would object to such an indignity as asking him to speak the truth. Hell, his answers to some of Mueller's written questions were enough to establish lying under oath.
  3. To those of us of a certain age, it's an airline, a shaved pussy, and decent coke. I preferred the good old days.
  4. Her voice and delivery. She may not be an idiot, but she doesn't come across as even half-smart.
  5. I see no problems if the Secret Service decided to rent less palatial quarters while protecting Turnip. A Motel 6 in Kansas would be a good choice.
  6. Susan Collins is a gibbering idiot. Anything good she does is purely accidental.
  7. Hopefully most of it Confederate money, and therefore worthless.
  8. I prefer it a couple of weeks old, and well worked into the soil.
  9. My tastes vary, but I hate bullshit.
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