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  1. That's going to need some epic gerrymandering to supress.
  2. You have a pretty strange view of the universe. It's almost always Repugnicans doing this shit, or at least getting caught.
  3. A raccoon could have run the country better than Turnip.
  4. Some of us are never going to be cured. But I'll keep trying.
  5. There are answers to the first issue. https://clicklikethis.com/gopro-wifi-underwater/
  6. Thanks, guys. Sorry, I mangled my language. We are here supporting my aged aunt. We weren't physically there with him, but my wife has been facetiming him at the nursing home while the plague has shut it down. Nobody in the family could see him at all for most of a year, so she was really the only one in contact except for phone calls. She would take him for walks through our garden and house, it gave him a semblance of normality.
  7. We wash most of our lines every year, but the docklines only about every 4-5 years. We get a lot of rain here, lines lying on deck go green... I would never wash a new line, until the splice sets from use it will be liable to come apart, plus the inner braid may hockle out of the cover. We put a foot or so of water in the laundry sink and add a couple of scoops of Oxiclean, stirring well. Dump as many lines in as the sink will hold and cover them with water. I turn them a couple of times and leave them overnight. In the morning you pull the plug, drain the water out of the lin
  8. Kyrsten Sinema...WTF is she doing?
  9. That's because he is the leading light in Republican thought and policy making.
  10. They are damn good at projecting. Too bad they are a party of liars, pervs, and racists who can't win in a fair election.
  11. Over the last year our marina has reconfigured the layout, eliminated many of the smaller slips and expanded the number of bigger slips, and installed all-new floats and fingers. Our cost went up about 5%, as it has each year. Next year could see major increases, but there are slips available in the new layout and in other marinas around here, so they can't get too crazy on the price. I hope.
  12. Thanks, Jon. We still have one aunt and one uncle between us, so family history is not lost yet. Thank you. It wasn't a surprise, but it's still not fun.
  13. Ten in a row gives you a grunt. Fifty gives you the entirety of Amnerica Furst.
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