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  1. Hemlock would be better.
  2. She was spectacularly unsuccessful as a sperm donor.
  3. Another in a long list of things Joker doesn't understand. It's a wonder he can breathe without assistance.
  4. Oh, look, it's Max coming around for his monthly vomit into the forum. Such a contributor.
  5. He deserves a punt to the googlies.
  6. They are heading north at a respectable speed, and they are far enough offshore to get around Brooks Peninsula. CG figures they are all going to sink before they wash ashore.
  7. It looks like a limber hole, it also looks plugged.
  8. It's scary that it's entirely believable. There are a lot of people out there that are that stupid.
  9. They are both failsons. Don's the coker, Eric's the vacuum that walks like a man.
  10. He's just waiting for the indictments to drop. He has his bags packed, a case of Depends, a pound of Adderall, along with a Russian-English dictionary and an inflatable Ivanka doll.
  11. It seemed to me to be some character he was playing, rather than someone who is actually clinically brain-dead.
  12. It's also the illustration for "Failson".
  13. And the Trump Loyalists who organized and supported the insurrection will be placed in high roles in the Reichstag and Gestapo.
  14. I might believe that he hung out with Marilyn Manson.
  15. Like cum in your heard? Now you're speaking his language.
  16. They are going to die Young unless they change their names.
  17. That's spectacular. I found a slightly larger image.
  18. There seems to be another two bays that lost a bunch. Latest numbers I saw totaled 106, drifting northward parallel to the coast. The CG says they expect all of them to sink.
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