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  1. As did ORR if you were willing to incur the full measurement cost I believe?
  2. Buy an ad! (Is that something people still say on SA?)
  3. This may not have gotten around yet but they've upgraded and are now Sail22.
  4. In a Scuttlebutt item on Friday they also mentioned how the state (MI) requires that social distancing be maintained while on boats. The comment was that this should be done below deck as well. Seems that means only 1-2 people allowed below deck on some of the smaller boats since there's probably not much more than 6' of separation between usable spaces on those boats. Are we at the point where the attempt to hold this event is considered beating a dead horse?
  5. Where's your mast? Where are your grinders? Who is flaking the genoa so it's ready to go up at the bottom? Who is pulling up the new genoa for a change? Who is pulling the kite into the boat at the bottom? You got one guy doing main? How's that work when it's blowing 20 and it's time to gybe? Sorry but there's just lots of holes that you aren't able to fill with this plan. I agree with everyone who is saying that you can distance race very short-handed. Lots of time to plan. Lots of time between maneuvers. And you can add an auto-helm and drop one more person. BUT, getting
  6. I'd be curious to know what you envision the 8 positions would be especially when going around marks and gybing.
  7. CASRA: LET’S GET RACING! JUNE 17, 2020 As many of you know, the Chicago Harbors will open this coming Monday, June 22nd. We are excited to tell you that the first CASRA race has been scheduled for Sunday, July 5th, which will mark the beginning of CASRA’s new Social Distancing Series. We’ll have options available for short-handed crews, casual sailors, and everyone else looking to have fun on the water. There will be something for everyone! Watch for race documents, entry portals, and series race dates next week. We look forward to seeing you on the water s
  8. I'll get my popcorn going now. If anyone actually tried it, it would be beyond entertaining. As long as no one gets hurt. Which would be a distinct possibility I think.
  9. This JUST in from CASRA: Preliminary Plans for 2020 Racing Season JUNE 9, 2020 2020 has proven to be a very challenging year. We want to thank everyone who completed our special 2020 Spring Survey. Your input has given us some great insight on planning for this season. At this point, we can now share some preliminary plans for 2020. Like you, we have heard that harbors are opening “soon.” And we know that, based on your survey responses, many of you want to get on the water and have fun in a responsible way. Consistent with those goals, we plan to offer the First Annual (
  10. Since you seem to be in the know, what is at the top of her list?
  11. They need to update the countdown on the home page.
  12. The WHO says sailing is a low risk sport according to World Sailing: https://worldsailing.activehosted.com/index.php?action=social&chash=52720e003547c70561bf5e03b95aa99f.529&s=a819a449465280e4e55d7c13a8ebd90b But the USA is going to leave the WHO so we can't rely on that information, right?
  13. Yes. You just have to start in Detroit. Bayview Mackinac Race - Update - June 2, 2020 At this time due to conflicting timing requirements the Mackinac Race Authority (MRA) has made the decision to only sail the Shore Course for the 2020 Bayview Mackinac Race. The patience and flexibility strategy is paying off. Slowly but surly (sic) the issues that we have faced this year are being resolved. It is looking increasingly likely we are having a race. So, to get ready: Register Complete all the registration requirements Get your boat ready Confirm your reservati
  14. I think the June 1st thing at Montrose and 31st is to accommodate people who have yards that are going to start charging them for Summer Storage on June 1. Otherwise, I whole-heatedly agree, not much reason to do it. Unless one of those harbors is your final destination anyway?
  15. Per the Chicago harbors web site this was supposed to have started on May 21.
  16. And there was a decent sized powerboat, say ~35', anchored within 1/4 mile of Montrose beach for several hours Sunday afternoon.
  17. New Chi-Mac update https://cycracetomackinac.com/news/article/racer-update-may-19-2020 There's been no decision on go/no-go yet (other than the decision to push back the final decision from late May to June 15) but if it is a go, sounds like no social activities (parties, prize-giving, etc) and no rafting.
  18. Longest race in your exactly 25 Chi-Macs was on what type of boat and took how long?
  19. You mean like the original Chicago-Mackinac race in 1911?
  20. So you think "...a lot of people..." presented with the opportunity to get out racing but not being able to socialize would choose to stay in their homes watching TV? I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I think "...a lot of people..." would welcome the opportunity to be outside doing something...anything...that is a change of pace.
  21. I think Phase 3 could allow a lot of racing to occur. Gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed. I would venture that the majority of boats in Chicago can be raced safely with 10 or fewer people. Will the YC be open? Probably not. But that shouldn't stop racing from occuring, should it?
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