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  1. Muff

    Gunboat 68

    I believe there is a separate page for that custom project? Not sure it has anything to do with the 68 forum?
  2. Muff

    Gunboat 68

    As the boat in the tent is not a Gunboat then that would add up to 5 Gunboats in Newport Shipyard.
  3. @KC375 You are right! If you do look through previous posts you will pick up pretty quickly on the slander. As for credibility you don't have to dig too deep within a close nit community to get the actual facts! Specifics: Gunboat 48 - for sale but his pricing is wrong Gunboat 57 for sale Gunboat 60 - for sale Gunboat 62 - for sale 66 -open listing for sale I count 5....?
  4. @soma Your posts relating to Gunboat brokerage are wrong so I would suggest you check your facts before misinforming. Following your rebuild unemployment Im surprised you don't have more time to fact check! Gunboat currently have 4 brokerage boats for sale and there is one other on an open listing. You work out the math!!
  5. Muff

    Gunboat 68

    Yes it was electric. I don't believe that the brand still exists that we had, or if it does it shouldn't! I have only heard and seen good things with the Maxpower and Lewmar products. Wess...the boat has legs!
  6. Muff

    Gunboat 68

    I skippered a Gunboat for 7 years and have also sailed on board 6801 a number of times. On the Gunboat 62 we had a thruster but it could never be relied upon so we removed it. It takes a little while to get used to driving without one but a number of boats have proven that this is possible over the years with no majors! The thruster on the 68 works great, has been reliable to date and proves beneficial to parking or mooring. Gunboats are cruising boats with the ability to go fast not a Mod70 so if it was me I would always have one if I had the option. Why make life more difficult tha
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