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  1. Well the most we saw on the water was 45 but fortunately we didn't have our sails up yet at that point. It was strange to see the Chicago skyline completely disappear though. It got intense for a while.
  2. And Quick Silver too. We were very excited to bring home a first in Section 5 for our skipper.
  3. Just watch your email and we'll tell you what's happening on the island.
  4. I booked a room at Sunset Condominiums just last week. You might try them.
  5. But if she's cute and you meet in the middle you can have more fun.
  6. Yeah, if he would have just picked through the pile of 2x4s at Home Depot a little more carefully, half of them are pre-bent anyway.
  7. "Odd" is an apt description for your posts!
  8. That's wicked awesome! I'm perusing bhyde's pics and my wife walks in. "What you looking at?" (well at least it wasn't porn this time) "It's sort of hard to say but it's supposed to be a 65 by 35-foot boat." "Oh, I thought it was a basement." He's going to fit it out after it's afloat? I hope he works fast.
  9. Hey, wood floats, doesn't it? We see lumber and sheets of plywood floating down the river every Spring. There's no keel or any of that extraneous garbage to make it sink, why wouldn't it float forever? Oh, wait, I suppose he could have melted down those 700 pounds of screws into ingots to make ballast.
  10. Naah, those cross beams are 2x6s for sure. Much bettererer. Besides, he's planning to encase the thing with a coat of fiberglas resin. What's to worry?
  11. 65 by 32 with 3200 square feet of living space and nine bedrooms and yet only weighs five tons of which 700-800 pounds are screws. Hmmmmmm.
  12. Make mine a quarter pounder with cheese and a large diet coke.
  13. 18.2 Prizes will be awarded in each section based on the following: Flags 1 through 10 boats 3 flags, Wow, unusually generous. So if you are the only starter/finisher in your class you get blue, red, and yellow flags?
  14. It is over. Didn't you get the memo? Hopefully it will reappear July 16th-19th.
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