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  1. Too right. Our "new" fibreglass boat left a so-called reputable Sydney Harbour boatyard recently bound for Cairns covered in orange speckles. Two months later we are still trying to rid of them. (Ideas?) As ex-steelie owners we knew instantly what had happened... but by then the boat had been delivered to Cairns.
  2. Trinity Inlet, Far North Queensland - a couple of zombies were pulled from the depths recently to spook the resident fleet of rusting hulks ...
  3. If you want to go somewhere cooler and inexpensive, consider a charter out of the Apostle Islands, Lake Superior. There is something really cool about sailing on crystal clear fresh water (June - August). For somewhere cooler and expensive come down here to Australia and charter in the Whitsunday Islands. (July-October).
  4. Selling a lot of stuff on craiglist and ebay, buying a lot of charts.

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