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  1. knots/hr is acceleration, not speed.
  2. IIRC, Chichester made a fair amount of money selling maps (I could be wrong) and entirely or at least largely funded his sailing escapades (I'm pretty sure about the latter).
  3. Winds SE and their heading South, may be a Coriolis thing but aren't they heeling in the wrong direction?
  4. Grammar, spelling, logic,and any knowledge of orbital mechanics optional!
  5. You're absolutely correct. I was focussed on the conspiracy aspects. Number 3 should be caveated and definitely would not warrant laughter. Sorry, this thread has made me forget there might actually be people sailing, my mistake.
  6. SC, An engineer or scientist would never use the word analytically, let alone several times. I assume you are neither. I agree with your analysis by the way........for all that's worth. I feel like we're watching let's make a deal and waiting to see what door the big prize is behind. Door 1: Faked Door 2: Semi-Faked Door 3: True Lots of egg, lots of faces when it all ends. Oh, and lots of laughter.
  7. GPS displays time in the format we are accustomed to and expect hh:mm:ss in whatever zone you want. GPS internally uses seconds from the first of the year, currently GPS time would be ~330daysx24hrsx60minsx60secs. And accurate is an understatement, think speed of light and what sort of accuracy you need to triangulate down to say 10m? 1 microsecond is 300 meters. GPS also has kept a clock running since launched and stays true to that. Leap seconds are routinely added or subtracted (I forget) to UTC due to the earth's slowing rotation. I believe it is currently 15 seconds but could be
  8. I didn't read all the noise, were the minutes off as well? If so, I'm Rosannadannadanna and my apologies. Just so folks know, the time displayed has nothing to do with the functioning of the GPS, there is such a thing as GPS time that is used to calculate UTC and it's derivatives.
  9. Guys, you're looking at the display. A GPS has the most accurate clock/timing you will likely ever be exposed to. Does this unit have the ability to set a timezone manually FOR DISPLAY? Most do.
  10. Isn't the MET buoy only sampled/reports on the hour or every several hours. If a drunk leaves the corner bar and stumbles home, if his last reported postion is the bar and his newest position home, it will appear he walked a straight line. There's definitely some crazy involved, just not clear from which side.
  11. I figured that was just your cover being in Naval Intelligence and all. Sorry.
  12. Agreed. I wanted to edit my earlier post but it had timed out so I deleted it. This is either an electronic spoofing of the position data or there really is a boat at that location. I really don't care which but some of the theories are getting a bit crazy. Oliver Stone is obviously the unanimous choice to direct the movie version.
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