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  1. I use this, cost about $80 ten years ago and using it again next weekend at the AGPU. A piece of foam & sleeping bag in the back of the van & esky in the tent. Uses the tailgate, no poles. Take plenty of beer & a couple of bottles of whatever spirit takes your fancy, and a comfortable camping chair that you can easily carry around between parties. I don't bother with food. Walk around & share the spirits, everybody else over caters & can't give enough stuff away.
  2. I really see the development from this test. After landing it turned into an instant kit of many pieces. Easier to pack & distribute on Amazon.
  3. The Gods Must Be Crazy (N! xau noodles are the best)
  4. Raced single handed yesterday so packed kites & untangled torque ropes this morning. Cleaned the jellyfish of the shrouds & lower spreaders (need a better autopilot in the spinnaker gybes). Practiced an Australian Hash Hakka with a young lass early afternoon (For Hash event in a couple weeks). Watching the Magpie Geese & Burdekin ducks feed in the back yard while enjoying a quite beer. (Out of Rum, finished it after a couple of scary gybes yesterday). Hoping to stay awake to watch the Moto GP tonight. Tomorrow I have to go and pay for this - less fun but will end the day with a
  5. Very happy with mine. Always owned a bike but in the last few years had only been using it for Hash runs & the "Tour de piss". Earlier this year pre-covid I put a 500w on the back wheel with a 36v battery. The setup has various levels of assistance. IE Level 1 cuts out @ 16Kph (10Mph), level 2 @ 20Kph etc. Before eletrickery I always rode @ 28 - 30Kph average and now still do. The amount of assistance reduces as it gets close to the cutout speed for the level. So the bonus is I am back to riding as much as I did 15 years ago, and although I am still doing most of the work it kn
  6. The Gods Must Be Crazy N Xau, the coke bottle or the Landrover The slapstick is a bit dated now but the plot still stands up.
  7. Dreams my all time favourite. I don't know how to upload from my cassette player but found a you tube clip of Faye. Living in S.E.A at the time, yes it was a cover but it was the version I heard first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QnVVZZyzaI
  8. When I am offshore by myself the only one taking photos are border force, and they haven't shared, so I don't have recent pictures. Inshore Dinah beach lets me play (2 up in picture which is 2 years old taken by committee boat). Last time out single handed 2 weeks ago. Next time, probably saturday.
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