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  1. Done it couple of years ago. 6Kw 22 panels. Produces 27 - 35Kw per day on average depending on the time of year. Although some days during wet season it can be as little as 10Kw for the day with cloud. They produce 3 times our useage, but at the moment we still get a good feed in tariff for the excess. Bought a used Nissan leaf EV for the wife but has not increased our useage by a measurable amount. The leaf can feed back to the house if needed, but have only done to test it, have not needed it yet. Car has 30Kw battery but @ 79% health remaining is good for about 24Kw.
  2. I use this, cost about $80 ten years ago and using it again next weekend at the AGPU. A piece of foam & sleeping bag in the back of the van & esky in the tent. Uses the tailgate, no poles. Take plenty of beer & a couple of bottles of whatever spirit takes your fancy, and a comfortable camping chair that you can easily carry around between parties. I don't bother with food. Walk around & share the spirits, everybody else over caters & can't give enough stuff away.
  3. I really see the development from this test. After landing it turned into an instant kit of many pieces. Easier to pack & distribute on Amazon.
  4. The Gods Must Be Crazy (N! xau noodles are the best)
  5. Raced single handed yesterday so packed kites & untangled torque ropes this morning. Cleaned the jellyfish of the shrouds & lower spreaders (need a better autopilot in the spinnaker gybes). Practiced an Australian Hash Hakka with a young lass early afternoon (For Hash event in a couple weeks). Watching the Magpie Geese & Burdekin ducks feed in the back yard while enjoying a quite beer. (Out of Rum, finished it after a couple of scary gybes yesterday). Hoping to stay awake to watch the Moto GP tonight. Tomorrow I have to go and pay for this - less fun but will end the day with a
  6. Very happy with mine. Always owned a bike but in the last few years had only been using it for Hash runs & the "Tour de piss". Earlier this year pre-covid I put a 500w on the back wheel with a 36v battery. The setup has various levels of assistance. IE Level 1 cuts out @ 16Kph (10Mph), level 2 @ 20Kph etc. Before eletrickery I always rode @ 28 - 30Kph average and now still do. The amount of assistance reduces as it gets close to the cutout speed for the level. So the bonus is I am back to riding as much as I did 15 years ago, and although I am still doing most of the work it kn
  7. The Gods Must Be Crazy N Xau, the coke bottle or the Landrover The slapstick is a bit dated now but the plot still stands up.
  8. Dreams my all time favourite. I don't know how to upload from my cassette player but found a you tube clip of Faye. Living in S.E.A at the time, yes it was a cover but it was the version I heard first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QnVVZZyzaI
  9. When I am offshore by myself the only one taking photos are border force, and they haven't shared, so I don't have recent pictures. Inshore Dinah beach lets me play (2 up in picture which is 2 years old taken by committee boat). Last time out single handed 2 weeks ago. Next time, probably saturday.
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