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  1. Been a while this since thread was active so, recently had a start where a boat not registered from the beginning of a Series showed up, raced, was fouled by a barger. Then had words on the course, and words again at the social. The protestee attempted to paid the fee for the race after the race, then paid for another previous race in same Series he had not also paid for, then wanted to be scored in the race just completed. The unregistered boat writes the Commodores of the 2 clubs involved, quotes Rule 69 for the words on the water, and the behavior at the social, and asks "What are you g
  2. Thank you EU Bloke! Im thinking a cheap Garmin Trek10 might be allI need....
  3. Thanks b393capt, hadn't thought about used, might be the option.
  4. I am looking to replace my cheap Garmin Trex GPS, it died. I will be using this for Race Committee work, like Mark Boat or Pin Boat. What model GPS would you recommend. I do not need all the bells and whistles, just the basics. No I haven't used GPS for this before, but want to start. Thanks, Winever.
  5. ...name a shrub after me, something prickly and difficult to eradicate.
  6. I thought you said your dog does not bite....
  7. I thought you said your dog did not bite....
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