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  1. a far-infra-red panel heater is great, as is a beer brewers heat pad for warming up the resin. Don't apply resin then warm the ply, as above it gases and gives very dissapointing results. I also picked up an electric blanket for $10, was really useful for components, when vac bagging, put them on the blanket, and a sheet of cardboard on top, . I wouldn't use a gas/kerosene heater, fumes and condensating oils are not what you want. You'll get more amine blush in cooler damp conditions with fast hardener, peel ply is great, as is just washing it off with water but adds another step.. Your
  2. not sure re west pumps, flow coat is polyester isn't it? Assuming it is, a bit of gentle warmth might help kick things off, if its not too late. Also check it has had wax added, believe the flow coat needs to sit under a barrier to cure, this may be your culprit.
  3. If the black band is being damaged by your clew strap one of them is in the wrong place me thinks
  4. another traditional solution to the getting the sunglasses problem is a bit of bungy / rope to loop over the end of the tiller (the end you hold onto) which is adjusted to 'just right' whilst you nip below. Putting something on the tube is asking it take a huge amount of torque, whatever you do make sure it has a way of slipping or letting go before it tears the tube out of the floor. does the tiller lift up out of the way whilst you're eating dinner? if not, perhaps a bungy to the cockpit floor ( going to the end you hold again) is a better solution.
  5. done, was rather touched, my middle son, now 15years old, has had a monkey the same as in that picture since the day he was born. it doesn't look like that anymore. Get well
  6. re the original Q, not sure why the Ryobi hate. At the bottom of the pacific in NZ we don't have the choice elsewhere, but I bought a Ryobi 18V drill and driver 2 pack about 7 years ago, following a recomend from a builder, built a pretty substantial 30sqm deck with them from new, and have been used and abused fairly hard DIY since. Had to replace the charging unit ( no moving parts there!), but otherwise still going strong, fingers crossed. And now I'm hooked into their batteries the skins ( tool only, no battery) are so cheap I've got a weedeater ( thats a bit shit), angle drill, and fein co
  7. Think it was Blair who said exactly that at last night's presser
  8. absolutely, there was a shot at the end which looked like a nz grinder having a wee spit. They had heart rate monitors on, saw 3 of them were 180bpm plus at gate 3 already, but that was the only time it was shown. Shame the TVs etc can't show the massive physical effort being put in to sail these boats.
  9. To be fair 14knts on the top of rangi light, am sure this over reads in a NE as the wind flows around the volcano, and the 14.9 in takapuna is at the top of the tallest building for miles. I'd guess at 12 at sea / mast level, but we'll find out v soon.
  10. Was watching them off taka beach about 6pm Weds, light NE-er (<7k at Rangi light, <10k top of the Takapuna tower block), so they were sailing in I would think about 5knots. Tacking and gybing at will. I did a double take, thinking I'm sure I didn't watch anyone change sides then, but the next tack they did, but seems something well worth practicing.
  11. You may also want to get used to cutting the line and inserting lengths, as the unloaded dyneema will likely start to shrink over the next few years. Interesting puzzle though...
  12. Interesting to me that they're back to a tow test on first day with new foils, if that is the case?. They did this with boat1, but wasn't boat 2 just launched and sailed almost same day? Its a fresh day in Akld, but plenty sailable I would have thought.
  13. The buoys are heading to course D or E
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