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  1. or the app boat watch approx 30 sec delay
  2. scallywag sucking oats into a tacking duell near crayfish POINT
  3. scally just also past black jack they just went into to standaway bay to far
  4. That is some serious sail area. What is the wind range of that thing? Can't be much, but it sure must be nice to have it when you need it. As you can see in the pic, that's their upper wind limit. Once there are white caps it's straight to the dock... Didnt it do the SYD-HBT last year and from memory i think there was more than just White caps
  5. now that's one sexy ass! :-) ! anyone else notice how the zip goes up by itself or were you all watching somethig else ?
  6. BUMP it's friday here PS love watching the show
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