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  1. No rudder option is a rare unicorn perfect for Rimas great geography drifting
  2. The last ill fated voyage started when whoever he was living with got tired of him and I believe the harbormaster was going to sieze the boat and the ladder for not paying the fees, so half the motivation is gone. Someone needs to donate the man a boat and get this show on the road. err water
  3. I guess being a gigolo is about to pay off in 2021
  4. In today's FB post, Rimas mentioned his book and said he will sail again and reposted a picture of him deploying his life raft after water got in the boat, and then losing the life raft because it wasn't well attached to the boat. I had completely forgotten about the life raft. It was in 2014. I think I have heard about the book before. I don't know if he is thinking about it, writing (dictating), or has done any of it. I think Jean was going to get him to write a book. Rimas calls it the greatest adventure in American History. None of his followers asked anything about the book
  5. I think Jean anchored the boat in Richardson Bay for Rimas. Rimas made several videos of himself running the motor in neutral during windy days, but apparently never ventured up to the pointy end to see how things were going. Once he lost the anchor he drifted off and was rescued once or twice before they tied him to a dock. When told he had to pay to be tied to the dock he was flushed out to sea and wound up in Monterrey, where he again escaped the tab by getting rescued in Hawaii. Those were probably among the most fun months after the SJ24 voyages
  6. He posted yesterday or Sunday from Kauai. It was just a bunch of old pictures so I didn't look. Mostly looked like pictures from his time in Vietnam. If He went anywhere, he hasn't posted about it.
  7. Yes he was still drifting north towards Okinawa before the wind took the boat to the beach in China and he jumped to the Vietnamese boat
  8. Rimas just posted the video Shannon made of him leaving Oak Harbor 5 years ago, but I found Rimas himself has a YouTube channel with 82 subscribers. I don't remember if we have watched these before, so here is one from the last trip
  9. Rimas just posted more old pictures recalling his past drifts. Nothing about future drifting unless it was in the replies. He has mostly just been posting Hawaii pictures and really anyone could be posting them, but I don't know why anyone else would bother. He does reply to some of his fans, but mostly just more old pictures He unfriended me years ago but I have been following him so I can see his posts but not comment
  10. Rimas just posted more old pictures recalling his past drifts. Nothing about future drifting unless it was in the replies.
  11. I think I saw Rimas had put a deposit on the Rawson 30 he saw in Alaska, but wasn't going to buy the boat until spring maybe. I could have misunderstood though, because I don't think I would have taken that deal on any of the boats I have sold. I certainly wouldn't pay moorage, or storage fees for 6 months waiting for someone to come up with money to close.
  12. I think he is only about 66 years old. I think he will do better now that he can see again. Maybe not a lot better, but I'm curious. Everyone ends up in a hospital bed unless you manage to die before someone can get you in one.
  13. I think Greta wants to go to Cape Horn. I think that's proven Rimas proof so far. I wonder if she wanted to go to Pago, if he could get in without a tow now that he can see?
  14. If you could drift it to Hawaii and install the ladder for him k thanks!
  15. Apparently, the drifting will continue, next year. Rimas flew off to Alaska, where one does boat shopping and came up $500 short on the boat of his dreams, so back to the garden isle until next year. I'm sure there are cruise ready boats in Hawaii waiting to be bought if one didn't spend the budget on flights, unless someone is spotting him the air tickets from their frequent flyer stash. I'm curious but I can't ask questions as I am lurking after being given the boot.
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