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  1. Vale Harry Tedstone Honorary Life Member Royal Brighton Yacht Club
  2. Jeremy waiting on your sponsorship proposal for saltytag.com to come on board
  3. DNC increases as the series progresses ??? not per the notice of race , sailing instructions nor the blue book
  4. RRS 51 MOVABLE BALLAST All movable ballast, including sails that are not set, shall be properly stowed. Water, dead weight or ballast shall not be moved for the purpose of changing trim or stability. Floorboards, bulkheads, doors, stairs and water tanks shall be left in place and all cabin fixtures kept on board. However, bilge water may be bailed out. So what RRS is being broken???
  5. So where do I find the ORCV additional safety requirements referenced in the NOR
  6. The club marine is a series that has yachting Victoria as the organising authority. So not club racing You mention a upper wind limit, who made the limit and where is it documented.
  7. Is there any correlation between paid and volunteer ROs and when they cancel?
  8. been that way for some time now So where are they going??
  9. Bit of drama in the bay Serious Yahoo hit and sunk, still in the water off St Kilda with a buoy marking position. Everyone OK
  10. Posting a change to the sailing instructions in the middle of a news item does not comply. There is no requirement for a protest to correct the scoring - RRS 90.3 c - When the race committee determines from its own records or observations that it has scored a boat incorrectly, it shall correct the error and make the corrected scores available to competitors.
  11. Time limit for the ORCV Winter series has been amended according to bar talk - but cannot find details on the website - how can this be done after the race has been conducted?
  12. Yes - 2 hours drop dead time. RRS 35 has been amended by the SIs - RRS 35 if not amended allows one boat to finish in the time limit and all others to be scored. All that effort for no result.
  13. Shame about the time limit for the 2nd Race of ORCV - results have not scored boats DNF "On a day where two or more races are scheduled, the time limit for each laid course race shall be 2 hours after the start of the last class in each race, after which time boats not finished shall be scored ‘Did Not Finish’ (DNF). This changes RRS 35."
  14. Another job vacancy! http://www.seek.com.au/Job/sailing-manager/in/melbourne-bayside-south-eastern-suburbs/22406841
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