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  1. Looking into acquiring/building a small tri in the 20 to 25 ft range. Nothing racy, been there done that, raced F40s and owned Tom Grossman's Kriter 7/Fleetwing for a few years. Now I'm just an old boomer looking for an easy to sail tri, I've seen a lot of interesting designs on line but not exactly what I am looking for, so here are my wishes:

    - A flared main hull with high enough topsides to avoid getting doused by small waves or boat wakes plus a deep and roomy cockpit with comfortable seating for 4 and no mid-way obstructing beams or travelers to try to get over. No cruising accommodation, just a minimal cuddy cabin or other arrangement for stowage of essentials.

    - Swing arms with firm tramps when deployed with a handrail on the back beam to get easily on/off the craft- Full amas to enhance stability and flat sailing.

    - An open transom would be nice, and swing-up rudder(s?) and centerboard are a must.

    - An unstayed wing mast, preferably gimballed or otherwise easy to lower/dis-assemble, placed as far forward as feasible to create extra cockpit space. An under-foredeck tabernacle would be ideal, and with a carbon wing mast the weight could be kept down sufficiently to make this maneuver safe and fast.

    - A fully battened square top main on a mast track with cars, with a Dutchman or similar system for easy hoisting/lowering the sail. Plus a self-tacking roller furler jib, cut high enough not to impede visibility.

    - Boomless main sail to save the old noggins from an incidental and potentially disastrous whack, with a Heneman sheeting arrangement instead of a traveler, which I had on 54ft Fleetwing and loved it.


  2. My my, things have changed since I last visited.....
  3. Ok, here's where you are mistaken. 1. The Pro desk is for just that. Very few cash transactions, most sales in the thousands. "A" kitchen worth of appliances? Cute, go to the register. 2. An employee offered to assist you? He probably thought you were a day laborer or contractor waiting on someone picking up a last minute items to add to his order. Maybe a vendor. It's often where they are half way through check out and a contractor, forgot something, or was told a line of credit or credit card was maxed, etc., which leads to seemingly empty lines but people scrambling to g
  4. Yea, small boat on a “C” course, no doubt....
  5. Congrats on the purchase. You WILL have fun, albeit, wet fun. My T-Gull23 used lower shrouds for mast raising while the boat was still folded. It work, but I always felt a bit rushed to get the amas folded out and main shrouds loaded. Probably unjustified.
  6. Mine lived the summers on a mooring so I set up and broke down once each a year. Reality, it is not a trailer sailor. I tried the amas up trailering position once. It was at best and to be polite, a fucking horror show. A realistic time with at least one other friend is 4 hours soup to nuts. Can it be done quicker, sure but as I said, one time in and one time out, so full breakdown or set up. The gentleman who bought it from me engineered the trailer to allow the boat to be assembled by one person. I don't remember the details but remembering how clever I thought it was.
  7. He's now got it in Boston. Saw it tonight. It certainly has presence...
  8. Northern Alinghi nor Luna Rossa would make very good poodles..... more likely BAR.....
  9. Good point. This size TRI has been chased but only won twice, that I can remember. F-24, which had a lead in by its big brother the F27. Also, the Tremolino. There was the Newick name, but that was only really appreciated by a tiny few. The boat was sold with performance promises that were met at a price point that was affordable. It was never sold as a race boat, but they've been extensively raced with success. They were able to meet a low price by only building one hull. They let Hobie Cat build the rest. It worked. In time evolved, became the T-Gull 23 and enjoyed further success.
  10. I see the demographic as: Beach cat and sail board sailors wanting more comfort. 45+ in age. Upper middle class. Beach area clubs Clubs with "less expensive" classes already existing. Easier to convince them to leave one class for another. I'd like to see it work out. I might be in the market for a used one In a few years.....
  11. Didn't see the molds. Well, a step in the right direction I guess....
  12. This is just Corsair testing the waters. Waiting for the beach cat sailors to get sick of being uncomfortable, older and of higher means. Like most computer renderings, it probably won't go anywhere. This is a very difficult size trimaran to get off of the computer screen and onto the water. This boat will need to come in around US$20k, US$ 25k sail away, boats shipped off the shelf and the economy booms. Otherwise it'll stay on the computer.....
  13. Jimmy has been a dual citizen for years. Depending on how long he's been married, i call bullshit. My wife is European, her green card came fairly quickly but over 10 years for citizenship. Aussies are not Irish or Mexicans or a hand full of other nationalities that have a lottery as far as i know. He doesn't possess a skill unknown to Americans to gain sponsorship. The only thing left if Uncle Larry unleashed a shit ton of lawyers to hurry the process up, which would be stupid as (I cant imagine) he doesn't have a green card and OTUSA doesn't give a shit about nationality rules, so why?
  14. Jimmy probably has a green card being married to an American. Probably doesn't have citizenship yet. That takes forever. Back to Alinghi. I know we won't see them back for the next AC. With that said, Ernesto has his Extreme team and there's some serious talent in that series not signed... He could put together a strong challenge without cherry picking the well known talent already associated with an AC team.....
  15. Never mind. Found them...
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