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  1. Probably an Ericsson flip phone and he was playing snake
  2. Teresa Michell and David Pryce did the 1999 Melbourne Osaka in an Adams 10 'Montane' Which is funny as they are both over 6ft tall
  3. Fuck it off completely Will rid them of the snouts in the trough wankers, ratio of sailors to support staff is about 1 to 3 But dont think it will change them to grow the sport
  4. You would ask for a refund on the waterline stripe
  5. So if B347 was given a DSQ it would have pushed them from 1st to 8th and 9930 from 6th to 5th If they were scored 8th it would have pushed them from 1st to 2nd on a countback to Agent 88 Hollow winning a trophy after this debacle
  6. That close to how much we pay in Tax on the purchase to the government around here
  7. Livestream https://www.brisbanetogladstone.com/livestream-of-the-race-start/
  8. 18's are one design hulls and in Sydney race out of one club and you have to commit to every weekend top level competition but as said above once things start to go wrong there is no coming back. 16's are one design hulls and raced at clubs that provide weekly prizemoney. Good fleets but I would hate to think what would happen to them if the prize money dried up 14's complicated and expensive but truely international competition 12's Can be expensive to start but the wear and tear is spread over several rigs, some hulls are over 20 years old and still competitive. Are a blast
  9. Thank god it got canned. Wind at Port Mac on Saturday night
  10. Good call Hazardous debris is being swept along muddy rivers and dumped on NSW beaches as extensive flooding flushes shipping containers, fridges and gas bottles hundreds of kilometres to the ocean. https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/shipping-containers-furniture-found-on-beaches-as-flood-sweep-debris-to-the-ocean-20210324-p57dkm.html
  11. Bushfires, Floods, Plagues – its all very biblical
  12. Starts Friday, 40 or so entries who here is doing it. But will they run it seeing as the whole of the east coast has washed out to sea. Would be interesting to say we ran into a house, horse, cow, oyster lease !
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