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  1. Anyone have any direct head to head racing comparison they can share. Like the Melges, but I think the Antrim might be a bit better for the family. Thanks
  2. Dynamic question I know. We have been racing the 80 for a couple months now after racing symmetrical boats for decades. Upwind, we can go fast. Downwind there is some frustration. I am starting to think that there is a big range of wind velocity that you sail this boat like a soaker. For example, in 12 to 15 with the apparent at 90 degrees, it feels like lots of pressure and fast. We drive down in gusts or when the speedo hits 7 knots. But the prime competition, an Olson 30 and a B25, just square up and head dead downwind. I think they are doing steady 6 to 6.5's, a
  3. thanks for that. Just looking for nuggets of wisdom to make us smarter and faster w/out reinventing the wheel.
  4. Hi, We just started racing a J/80 w/ three 16 year olds and a couple of old guys (dads). I thought I would find a ton of online info, discussion, used equipment etc..., but I really haven't found much. Can anyone point me to something that I might be missing? Thanks.
  5. J/33 13.2 on 1 big wave. It really felt fast. God I miss summer already...
  6. Does anyone know if that Sov 30 at Crowleys is redeemable or worth an effort.? Yard says it sat for 10 years. $6500. Looks like a good Wed night boat for light air...
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