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  1. That's right, if true Boris Herrmann's boat got busted when he crashed into the 'Hermanos Busto'... Truth is stranger than fiction.
  2. My move east after the Horn allowed me to sail around basically the whole SA Corinthian group. But there's a good chance that had I arrived at CH even 12-24hrs earlier I would have decided to take the westerly/direct route, and then I would have been stuck in the world of pain you guys sailed into. EDIT: I got the Code Zero with the free credits and some that were in my account already. That sail gives the single biggest performance improvement in terms of speed, VMG and reduced sail changes.
  3. And finished! I managed to hold off @Hike, Bitches! who was gaining on me the last couple of days but ran out of runway. Must have been the hull polish that made the difference I also reminded myself why I only do this once every four years. My virtual Code 0 has been totally thrashed. Must remember to start on time next time...
  4. In his case, the 60nm circle is purely academic, though handy for plotting his position relative to the others. Can't even imagine solo-sailing a 60-footer like these guys, let alone after nearly 80 days alone at sea. And big props to his team for the dashboard. Who says you need secrecy for VG success!?
  5. Boris Hermann, always so chilled and lackadaisical in his vids, is really sending it. Averaging 19.50kn since his last gybe, 21.64kn in the last hour and 23.27kn(!) in the last half-hour. And we can watch it all in real time. Just amazing.
  6. Boris' dashboard should be compulsory for all yachts in the next edition.
  7. I'm fully committed to the direct / eastern route now. The was little point in following @rhenders out west. Let's see how this plays out.
  8. I love the notes to self above his computer: "Sail your own race - think!" and "Smile."
  9. They need to de-tune these Virtual IMOCAs a bit. Despite a very late start, with no options except Hull Polish and the Code 0 (which has hardly been lowered the entire time), I'm only ~130NM back from on-the-water leader Dalin (APIVIA) and ~75NM astern of Hermann (Seaexplorer) who seems favoured for the moment in terms of winds and the less-broken boat.
  10. Rafal71-TPN, just off your starboard bow, has played a blinder and looks good for the Nemo watch. Very similar route to you apart from the Nemo detour and some Northing before Cape Horn.
  11. Thanks - works from the 'Navigation logbook'. Good to see VR continuing their tradition of boasting about features and player numbers, until they break their own platform and piss everyone off. At least I won't be tempted to modify my strategy based on what others around me are doing as all that functionality is gone too. Let's see how long this lasts...
  12. Oh great. They've disabled 3D view etc so now I can't even get my Lat/Lon to plug into Zezo.
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