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  1. Not directly on point, but here's my experience of flying back into the UK from Spain this weekend. Prep. Has to be choreographed. Local Covid test within 72 hours of flying. Get the negativo result. Book home for 10 days quarantine and 2 home test kits. (If coming in from a Red List country (eg Brazil, Portugal, South Africa) would have to book into an approved hotel) Book flight. Fill in UK government forms. Arrive at Madrid airport. Very slow check in. Lots of problems for others. Slow. Get to check in. Everything checked. Ok. Except local Span
  2. Well this must be the longest inactivity for quite a while here. Is getting round a mega low worse than getting round or through a big high? Seems so. Most interesting bit of the race so far, IMHO, by quite a long way.
  3. And so it was last time. And so it was with Trump/Clinton. Just saying, and agreeing with much of what Expatriated has said. In England, hearing and seeing it, spending time in Europe, listening and talking, but professing no knowledge and wisdom beyond.
  4. Events of the last few decades might give pause for thought on this. - the breakup of the former Yugoslavia - Czech/Slovakia - Catalan, Basque, Scottish, Welsh..... succession movements, which the EU feigns to ignore as they are antithesis to an increasingly centrist philosophy - you even get mutterings in Belgium, with the Flemish and Walloon split! - nationalism has been increasingly to the fore, with increasing tones of illiberalism and racism: take Hungary as a current example It was always naive to think, as many of our politicians seemed to, that the EU
  5. I think there is some truth in those who say that the EU project now has at its heart social and financial engineering rather than its post war origins of being a trade and agricultural pact. There are undoubtedly substantial tensions within the EU, e.g. most recently Italy, and for some time now about the Euro. This can't be a surprise to anyone when the membership is so diverse, having, in horribly broad terms, a north/south and east divide, with Germany both the lynchpin and the dominant force. The most compelling argument to my mind for leaving was - and this didn't ultimately sw
  6. The germans get some unfair press about Deutscheland uber alles. Its mid 19th century genesis was liberal and republican, and focused at an internal audience, pushing for a unified Germany rather than the fragmented nation states then in existence - viz ' Germany above all [ else ] '
  7. I think that's a Wauquiez, good looking, but IMHO, aped the Sweden Yachts, but was not in the same league for that you know what whow factor as the Sweden Yachts of that generation. Go to www.sweden yachts.se and look at the the 370, 38 and 390 of the previous range section of the site and you might see what I mean. PS I confess a bias as an owner in yesteryear of a 41, which didn't quite work as well with her coachroof as her smaller sisters, but was a magnificent boat.
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