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  1. “People like me”? Tailgating is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate the assholes that do that and I’m definitely not that guy.
  2. Monkey


    It’s hard not to like the Dart. Having spent a lot of years on a B25 and a Laser 28, the Dart seemed like a perfect hybrid between the two concepts coupled with a more modern sail plan. As far as modding the B25, a masthead kite and better rudder are all it really needs.
  3. I never understood why anyone puts political bumper stickers on their cars. Has any person ever changed their vote based on the random Toyota in front of them? I suppose some people just like making their vehicles look shitty.
  4. Forgot to add, the provision requiring a guarantee of no more than 30 minutes to vote is nonsense. Even in my white privileged little suburb, I’ve occasionally had to wait longer than that. You can’t expect every polling location to staff up and have equipment to deal with the afternoon rush all day long. I’d prefer a rule instead to require voting locations per capita. Yes, I’ll be banished as a righty for that. It would mean more inner city voting locations easily accessible.
  5. I’m all for it, with one major exception. It needs to be done as a constitutional amendment. I’m pretty sure it’d get crushed by the SC under the current game plan.
  6. Have there been any occasions where dumb and dumber actually agreed?
  7. Well, ETNZ was the last team to show up with a test mule, and they did alright. In this day and age, it seems like the main value in the test boat is to confirm that the computers were right.
  8. I’ve actually been really impressed with the few kids from Oakcliff I’ve had on my boat.
  9. If we’d been given a better alternative to Tammy Baldwin, this wouldn’t be an issue.
  10. I think that ship sailed.
  11. The first time I let my friend drive my new boat, he managed to broach to weather in a full Chinese jibe, complete with putting the mast in the water. Strangely impressive for an assy boat. Is the goldfish available to drive?
  12. Actually, that was one of her few posts that was completely correct.
  13. They absolutely got the shit end of the deal.
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