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  1. Just out of curiosity, are you allowed to skip the lower levels and just take the course that makes the charter companies happy?
  2. I can already see the new business model. Here you go sir, enjoy your new 249,000 dollar yacht. I understand it’s a little basic. If you stop by next week, we’d be happy to modify it for you. Shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred thousand.
  3. Actually, this very reply is a perfect example of why intelligent discussions can’t take place. Ask any normal person why they resist wearing a mask and the answer will be that they’re annoying and uncomfortable. Ask you why someone would resist wearing a mask and we get some racist nonsense about hating some Chinese guy. You're never going to win any converts with pure drama Queen bullshit.
  4. I would still take one in a heartbeat! I imagine it’ll spend most nights on a hook or mooring ball unfolded. Having the ability to fold up and fit in a mono hull space is well worth being funny looking for a little while! I wasn’t criticizing it when I made the batting cage joke, just being honest.
  5. Good on you for throwing caution to the wind and fixing her! I hope you get to enjoy her for many years to come!
  6. I have to admit, while incredibly practical, this looks hilarious. It’s like living inside a batting cage at the dock!
  7. I just want it to be able to drive me home after a few too many drinks.
  8. Unless they’ve changed since then, in the past, Tesla’s only checked for a little bit of weight on the steering wheel to verify a driver had his hands on the wheel. The workaround was to wedge a half full water bottle in the spokes of the wheel. This would let the car drive all day on its own.
  9. Sounds like we had similar weekends. I got my first round of Pfizer on Saturday. I already had Covid, so wasn’t in any rush, but now that there’s plenty available, I didn’t see the point in waiting any longer.
  10. I went for cheap and simple with a Bayliner Trophy 20. I wanted something small enough to take inland, but big enough to go fishing out on Lake Michigan and it seemed to check all the boxes for my needs.
  11. I absolutely love seeing a boat come back after being written off for dead! Best of luck to Miss Chief, it looks like a gorgeous restoration!
  12. I’m all kinds of excited for next summer’s fishing season. Just ordered the new boat this morning. Unfortunately, won’t get it til halfway through the season, but I can live with that.
  13. All I know is, I’d rather trust the recommendation from Phizer than some dude on an Internet forum about the proper way to take their vaccine.
  14. I don’t think most are complaining about extra safety. They’re simply stating that participation might drop for a little while due to the cost of new equipment. Seems logical to me. I updated my personal safety gear over the winter to the tune of about 800 bucks. (Spinlock Vito, personal AIS beacon, and new tether) That stuff just isn’t cheap. A lot of boat owners provide that gear. It all adds up.
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