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  1. I’ll happily acknowledge that you are substantially more rational than a proper gun nutter, but I disagree with your third point. It’s incredibly hard to diagnose someone about to cross the line from random to violent, but it’s fairly easy to reduce their access to more effective weapons. It won’t stop a nut job from killing, but can reduce how effective they are. As an example, think back to that McVey asshole. He made it a real pain in the ass for farmers to go fertilizer shopping, but you don’t hear about trucks full of amfo going off these days. You’d think that would be a go to method, on
  2. True. However, my little manual econobox gets used for track days, so the governor in the ECU had to go. No idea what it could do in a straight line, but 132 is my personal record on a track. Not real proud of that though. I couldn’t slow down in time, missed the corner, and went off into the pea gravel backwards. Oops.
  3. So the poor kid gets the girl car? If anyone needs to borrow one of mine and can’t drive stick, they get the beat up old Dodge Ram. It’s a truck that should appeal to sailors. Every time it’s driven, it gets a little lighter as more rust falls off.
  4. As an owner of a manual car, I’ve made that joke more than a few times, but I wonder how true it is. It’d obviously deter most of the younger car thieves, but are there still some old timers out there?
  5. I’m calling bullshit. While I was sitting on my toilet looking out the window, I counted at least a few hundred planes that angered into the ground due to trim failures. (not sure how to make purple font work from my phone)
  6. I’d like to take the bet, but will politely wait til you put it in English while sober so I can actually understand it. Edit: I should also mention century rides are my new hobby, I’ve recently taken up sparring (mostly getting beat up) with my MMA addicted brother, play winter league hockey, so am probably not the fat old man you’re expecting in whatever your weird bet is.
  7. Go paddle around in a plastic box you muppet. You’re obviously drunk and it shows.
  8. Which of your endless jack screw posts do you recommend?
  9. Those folks are the ones I’d love to see the system changed for. They shouldn’t have to be here illegally. We should embrace them with open arms. Green cards should be streamlined, and after something like ten years living in country, if they played by the rules, they should automatically be eligible for citizenship. I’d even support amnesty for current illegals that haven’t caused any trouble.
  10. That’s the tiny minority. I hate to break it to you, but a LOT of the MAGA crowd supports immigration, they just want it done legally. And using the Proud Boys as an example is a perfect reference to my argument of tiny, but noisy. Let’s see a show of hands here. How many people actually know and are acquaintances with a Proud Boys member?
  11. No shit. There’s also a slew of idiots who believe in Scientology. They’re a tiny, but noisy group of people.
  12. So you’re a supporter of hard working, legal immigrants? Congratulations. Welcome to the land of almost everyone.
  13. Does this mean you’ll finally stop pretending to be an aviation expert and shut up about jack screws?
  14. I don’t disagree when those boats are in the hands of random people. Slightly different story when riding with a repeated national champion race team. I wasn’t the typical bikini clad ride along. I had to wear a fire suit, helmet, etc. There were still some epic crashes in that boat’s class though.
  15. My sailing watch is a Casio I bought in 1998. That thing won’t die.
  16. Back when my neighbor owned and raced this thing, I got to go for a ride. It’s fun, but absolutely terrifying.
  17. Cheap bastards. They gave up six hundred horsepower for no reason.
  18. Both are tacky jewelry for folks desperate to look fancy, so either one should do the job.
  19. Yes and no. If I go to buy something from someone and it says “in stock,” I expect it to be in stock, not presumed to be in stock at their supplier. If they’re honest and just say it’s drop shipped and believed to be in stock, I’m ok with the snags you describe.
  20. You’re too old to get the joke! There’s a never ending joke about McDonalds ice cream machines being broken in the silly meme world.
  21. That’s part of the deal if you’re going to play the drop ship game though. It’s a known gamble. If I order from a drop shipper that says it’s in stock, I expect it to be in stock. Having said that, Mauri Pro has a perfect track record with me over the years.
  22. I suspect the CIA was involved in this move. It’s well known Putin’s been stealing appliances to strip their components to use in tanks, weapons, etc. Those dumb bastards are probably taking apart McDonald’s ice cream machines as we speak. If they use those parts, they’re doomed.
  23. They haven’t gotten better. I can understand that there’s an art involved to make a great burger versus a decent one, but it almost takes effort to make a lousy one. The Brits seem to have mastered the art.
  24. I also fail to see the R vs. D involvement here. Our sailing center (youth, adult, and disabled sailing focused) was given 9 Sonars, 8 Elliot’s, a small navy of powerboats ranging from 16’ center consoles to Protectors all the way up to a 32’ center console, plus a bunch of 420’s, Opti’s, and gobs of other boats I’m forgetting. He also left a trust to pay for the whole thing for a long time to come. He was very much a Republican. Generosity (as well as a sense of entitlement) doesn’t have to be a political thing.
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