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  1. I'm not aware of any antifouling paints that require a primer, just a compatable base. Check with antifoul manufacturer as to substrate and prep or do a test spot.
  2. This guy (Phil) is one of the best in the business. https://cci.one/site/ottawa/?doing_wp_cron=1634046973.6943280696868896484375 Might be some issues w/border, customs, etc due to C 19. If I recall, I shipped him my rudder, he stripped it and rebuilt it and it came back as "repaired" or something which got it back to USA with no duty.
  3. Had the same issue with my lightweight Gill jacket after a few years the whole inner lining disintegrated.
  4. Been using sanding poles for years and it's the ONLY way to go. Best with 2 people, one to sand, one to spray. Also, we always try to sand down through the old antifoul to avoid buildup. Usually start with 80 grit on a 16" orbital air file, then 120 or so. After new paint has dried, wetsanding w/ 220, 320, 400....etc. We are a race boat and go through this every other year with out Baltoplate (regular cleaning throughout the season)
  5. Sailmaker route is the way to go since the Fas Trac seems to have folded. We had one made just as you describe with a loop on top and bottom to lift and retrieve. After some consideration, we decided to use dielectric silicon which is pretty much the same consistency as the Fas Trac and seems to last a good while in the foil. Dry lube should work as well, but it dries so fast, it's tough to get it delivered to the top other than maybe from a bosun's chair.
  6. It's such a small amount of oil sucked up per pump, colapsing isn't a problem. The vinyl is the problem and I'm waiting for a rubber tube suggested by a Fla. rigger. It' won't be clear, but there's a clear filter in-line that will let me see bubbles. Thanks for your input. Leroi
  7. I've been in contact with a rigger in Fla that does Holmatro/Reckmann installs and vinyl tube is the no-no. I'm looking at replacing the tube with a "push-in" tube that's rubber and made for the type fittings I have. I'll update when the stuff is installed. Thanks for input! Leroi
  8. Our Holmatro backstay system has flexible 1/2" tube between the pump and the reservoir. Holmatro Marine is now owned by Reckmann in Germany. I've already tried to get parts from the US distributor but shipping is nonexistant with the Pandemic. We replaced the tubing this spring with the same Kuri Tec product that had lasted 10 yrs but it has started leaking again. I changed it out today and the tube was already stiff, presumable from the oil, and as such was seeping at the push-to-connect (like Shark Bite plumbing fittings) fittings. Anyone have recommendation for a flexible, preferably cle
  9. Won't be doing the project until this winter. All the lights are recessed 1/2" into the doghouse and are frameless.
  10. I removed and polished our port lights a few years ago, but now they've crazed (32 yrs. old!). I searched several times but cannot find any discussions. The lights a re 1/2". Any help appreciated. Leroi
  11. Thanks for replies. I think I'll use the dielectric silicon I have for elec. connections. Fas Trac must me out of business.
  12. Tape and headfoil are fine. The product was great, sails went up and down flawlessly, almost fell out coming down. Silicon lasts a lot longer than soap. The Fas Trac system had a piece of bolt rope and two eyes to insert into the foil and hoist and retrieve with the silicon stuff on the bolt piece. It worked great, took maybe a minute to apply a couple time a season.
  13. I've run out of the silicon get for my Fast Track (?) kit. I can't find a source or substitute. Any help? Thanks. VC
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