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  1. Owners guide attached J100 Owner GuideHull23-56 (3).pdf
  2. If you need a EXTREMELY well cared for J27 LMK.
  3. Tapering the hull is allowing for quicker reduction of wetted surface when taking off
  4. Hit the nail on the head here. I think it’s well known the hole appeared right after they sky jumped and that foil landed and deflected well before the hull laid down in the water.
  5. The things popping through the bottom of the boat in that shot have to be the cockpit drains opening on impact.
  6. Maybe they landed on Ben’s ice chest filled with bananas. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CKIx-AbnXYH/?igshid=ij869gyu2ulc
  7. Congrats! Welcome to the 100 club
  8. Rumor has it that it’s not “dropped”. If you wanted to pay a premium for a brand new one you can have one. Everything is available for a price.
  9. Yeah I found heaps on info on the 109 setup. Trying to come up with something less complex and of course cheaper than what’s shown above.
  10. The “skeg” appears to have been modified from launch configuration?
  11. Trying to come up with a simple inhauler system for the jib on our J100. Does anyone have any photos of their setups? I know two boats are running them in Charlottetown, PEI. Tried looking for pictures but they are all grainy (see below). This can’t just be a friction ring lashed to the handrail, right?
  12. Geronimo


    Highly recommend a 100.
  13. Should rename this thread Mack Sails
  14. Not that it’s relevant but what type of boat was this kite built for? And I would expect them they to rebuild that kite.
  15. They are coming out of a gybe...
  16. Near Palofox Marina in Pensacola, FL.
  17. You’d figure after 15 years of posting on this site I would know how to rotate the image...
  18. Allegedly American Magic are out on Pensacola Bay ripping around on the Mule. Pretty cool to have a cup campaign training on the Gulf Coast probably for the first time ever.
  19. True. But the competition is still moving in the direction of one design. Like it or not. The AC75 is still a good bit OD supplied parts is it not? Just as the AC50, with the hope of reducing costs and getting more teams involved. I know people like to see visual differences in the boats but the faster these things go and the more computers and algorithms get involved the design competition will be in non visually noticeable elements. The typical F1 race-day fan can't tell you the differences between the Ferrari and Mercedes cars besides the engines are different manufacturers. And F1 ha
  20. If Ainslie wins the Cup, could he then outsource the competition to an outside authority such as SailGP to effectively "run" the series? Might not comply with the Deed. A good question for Tom E.
  21. The front page is suggesting the footage was CGI... Personally I don't think they would go through the trouble but who knows with the amount of money thrown around in these cup cylces. I will say that the mast looks a hell of a lot taller than some of the original photos taken when she splashed.
  22. I don't think there will be much given away by shots of the test boat hull shapes and foils, including the mast, at this stage. Quantum is clearly holding photos of the prototype dual skin main close to the chest. Surprised we were given a glimpse of the tack.
  23. Crank that shite to eleven and sendor
  24. Hastily put together website...I am sure they will figure out the order and all of the typos soon enough.
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