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  1. It's a chit show too at the haulover inlet
  2. That's awesome!! 11mph average.
  3. It's an aluminum furler with no continuous line. Pretty much just unfurling. Jib has plastic bead on luff that feeds up aluminum forestay. Yes on vertical battens and both parts swivel.I'll try to post some pics
  4. You need to go show us again how you managed to flip your Corsair 31!! Talk about user ERROR!!
  5. Existing sail unmodified and had a Schaefer furler before. I wanted something closer to the deck so obviously their flat deck system looked good to me. No halyard wrap. Had that issue with schaefer. I'll message Mark... thanks!
  6. I've played with halyard tension with no changes. Not sure about bearings but seem to be the same torlon bearings as my traveler. In an open captured mount. Furler is new and has always been tough. I've also written Facnor and they have replied but not much help. This is a smaller Corsair tri 750.
  7. Anyone have one that gives you a hard time unfurling your jib?
  8. Thanks guys for the thoughts! And yes I'm getting an offer to relocate but love my Austin Yacht Club on lake Travis!! And I come from Dinghy sailing but have a Corsair now. Seems like it would be a pretty odd ball boat there..... I did buy my Weta on the Outer Banks on Duck... But that's a long haul out there. Not sure what I'll do but doesn't seem ideal for me.
  9. Is there any? If so, what kind?
  10. Trying to make this thing run correctly!! My girlfriends car that I set on fire after doing a brake conversion and now a engine harness conversion. Meet Christine!
  11. We definitely use it for our fleet racing at our club. I do remember being contacted over 10 years ago by the developer of this app and he was in the SFbay area.
  12. Why are the bow prods all so different in the other pics?
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