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  1. My other problem here is that I took back a 5 year old water heater to Home Depot and they gave me $1400 store credit on the damn thing. I may had paid $500 for it. Anyways, I got a new water heater and $800 of store credit left so I have to buy what Home Depot sells and they do sell Traeger. And they don't offer the sear option as far as I can tell!!??
  2. so I've been in the market for one and I do like the traeger but they don't have high temps for searing and some of the other models do offer that option so I'm leaning towards something that can reach 900 degrees
  3. So we have ATT and it's our only option in this newer 5 year old neighborhood. The weird thing is interweb just drops like nada is there. I can't even get to google sometimes. But when I do speed test, it always passes. So that's the problem proving I have a problem. It especially gets bad around 5pm and we think that's when all kids get online playing games. So does anyone have any software or monitor app that you can suggest I use to prove that the pipes really stop flowing???
  4. Thanks @foreverslow!! Unfortunately the Merrimack job is now off the table so I wont be moving there!! Would love the seafood though!!
  5. Live feed from a box in my backyard https://video.nest.com/live/sCEEGIHo95
  6. Well I am, like a lot of guys here, getting older so a sleepy place seems good to me. So do you like living in Maine? I've always lived in Texas or a short stint in Cali. So no cold weather experience for me.
  7. They had not mentioned if there is a contract term. They did call me this morning to confirm that job is approved and they will make an offer. So what happened to your 18 month gig? Did it go sour?
  8. Wave guide math is pretty simple with 3 basic equations. Snells Law, Fresnel equations and diffraction equation. All basic algebra.
  9. No not an astronomer, just an optics guy who has lots of waveguide experience..... like heads up displays.
  10. Not sure why I ask life questions here....... but I do
  11. So what's your point??? I could go work in NH on magnificent shit or work in Kwaj as a mechanic on telescopes
  12. Well the thing that would be nice is riding to work on a bicycle in shorts and flip flops instead of being pissed off in traffic. And if I could leave the island every few months then I could get a recharge possibly. It may be that or go live somewhere cold like New Hampshire. The Kwaj also have a newsletters which seem to make is more fun than not. https://www.smdc.army.mil/Portals/38/Documents/Publications/Hourglass/2021/05-22-21Hourglass.pdf
  13. Yes that is a concern I have.....
  14. @boomerThanks for the stories!! Pretty crazy... but perhaps happened 40 years ago. I'm sure it's still the wild west so to speak. But my job would be with a house and my wife can come with me so not so rugged. I just wonder about current amendities that they have now? Sounds like a bit of bit of struggle there.
  15. Ok so this a long shot........ but anyone been there, worked or lived there??? The Merrimack job is still possible but so is this one.
  16. That's really funny... My dad was an autopilot engineer for Vought starting back when I was born in '62 in Dallas. The Corsair was a bad ass looking plane with that huge intake. My Corsair is the one Ian Farrier designed as in 24' Trimaran.
  17. I'm waiting for months now on a Kwajalein Island gig but they are on government contract island time and they don't move as fast as you'd think they would considering they are an ICBM tracking facility. Colorado is too f'ing cold and I don't ski. Plus my Corsair doesn't fit really anywhere but here and Florida. Not sure what to do with that although my boat did originate out of Rhode Island. But I don't have young kids, not married but engaged and we can eat shitty mexican food even though we are from Texas. Just don't serve me bad BBQ. And btw, the job is in Merrimack so I'd imagine I ha
  18. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the info! I'll have to check out the almanac for weather...... I've never lived where it snowed other than last Feb where Austin was shut down for a week.
  19. Is it like living in a small town there? Austin is so fuk'ed up now.
  20. Rick..... as someone who has a very narrow field of experience in optics, I can't just pick and choose where to go unless I decide to quit all of that and go live on a beach in Mexico like someone else I know ........ like El Mariachi
  21. So who knows about this place and what's it like to live there??? Thanks!!!
  22. It's a chit show too at the haulover inlet
  23. That's awesome!! 11mph average.
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