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  1. So I accepted a job in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and I still have lots of hurdles to pass before I move over there. But one of the things I have to do is quarantine on Honolulu at a military base hotel for 2 weeks. So we were thinking why don't we go over there a week earlier and do the tourist thing. Neither of us have ever been there. And of course would love to do some sailing while there or racing as crew for anything??? So any ideas of charters or where to hang out for beer can racing would be awesome!! Also just general ideas of what to do or see would be awesome too!!

  2. 23 hours ago, TJSoCal said:

    On the RaceQs website, log in and click the triangle next to your name in the upper right. Click on My Marks and you can upload a .gpx file with all of your fixed marks in it. The marks will be uploaded to your watch and you can select one from the watch navigation menu. Then the watch will show you angle and distance to the selected mark.

    The My Courses feature is even cooler but a little more complex to set up.

    Ok so I’m sitting in a county tax office and managed to load RaceQs on the watch. Awesome!!! I’ll try the rest later!! Thanks!

  3. 7 hours ago, Jackdaw said:

    Oh man your eyes are better than mine.  I needed readers to see half of that. I go big and simple. 


    Agreed but I had to see how much shit I could possibly get on it. I'll go back to simple one but I also need a digit number clock not analog hands.

  4. I regularly use race-q’s in the phone. I’ll look for it to see if it’s possible on the quatix. So does anyone know how I can get multiple marker points into the watch that are used as fixed buoy roundings??? I’ve looked at garmin express and ConnectIQ. Also at @Jackdaw, what’s the deal with the MARQ bands? And kind of dremel work??

  5. Anyone try one of these for sailing? I was given one recently and god knows I'd never buy something like that. But I have to use it  now and it does work great for cycling. I just have a hard time using some of this stuff for sailing since i'm so busy driving.

  6. My other problem here is that I took back a 5 year old water heater to Home Depot and they gave me $1400 store credit on the damn thing. I may had paid $500 for it. Anyways, I got a new water heater and $800 of store credit left so I have to buy what Home Depot sells :( and they do sell Traeger. And they don't offer the sear option as far as  I can tell!!??

  7. so I've been in the market for one and I do like the traeger but they don't have high temps for searing and some of the other models do offer that option so I'm leaning towards something that can reach 900 degrees

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  8. So we have ATT and it's our only option in this newer 5 year old neighborhood. The weird thing is interweb just drops like nada is there. I can't even get to google sometimes. But when I do speed test, it always passes. So that's the problem proving I have a problem. It especially gets bad around 5pm and we think that's when all kids get online playing games. So does anyone have any software or monitor app that you can suggest I use to prove that the pipes really stop flowing???

  9. 45 minutes ago, Willin' said:

    We spent 5 weeks in Rarotonga once. It was as close to heaven on Earth as I could imagine, think of Hawaii maybe 75 years ago.

    By the end of 5 weeks we were hella ready to leave.

    If I ever had to choose a place to end my days as an oldster on the way out and boredom didn't bother me any more, the Cook Islands  would be a strong contender.

    Well I am, like a lot of guys here, getting older so a sleepy place seems good to me. So do you like living in Maine? I've always lived in Texas or a short stint in Cali. So no cold weather experience for me.

  10. 18 hours ago, Willin' said:

    You haven't mentioned the length of the contract nor the travel home bennies. A contract of 2 years or more should come with some bennies. If they pay your way home or to some other place you wanna go a couple times a year for R&R it makes a small tropic isle a lot more tolerable. Also, are they moving you there and back or is that at your own expense?

    I took an 18 month contract to an island once and they paid my move over and back so long as I stayed for the duration. If not, moving expenses were all mine and  that turned into an unwelcome anchor.

    They had not mentioned if there is a contract term. They did call me this morning to confirm that job is approved and they will make an offer. So what happened to your 18 month gig? Did it go sour?

  11. 22 hours ago, mikewof said:

    The life of a defense contractor in Kwaj versus the life of an engineer in NH. Best of luck. If you pick the smaller company, would they give you some kind of employee-ownership options? I know Raytheon ain't having any of that.

    I remember the chapter on weveguides in the Jackson E&M textbook, that shit blew my mind. Too difficult.

    Wave guide math is pretty simple with 3 basic equations. Snells Law, Fresnel equations and diffraction equation. All basic algebra. 

  12. 16 hours ago, mikewof said:

    I didn't realize there were different jobs. Are you an astronomer? I imagine the that the light occlusion and pollution is near minimal in Kwaj.

    No not an astronomer, just an optics guy who has lots of waveguide experience..... like heads up displays.

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  13. 16 minutes ago, mikewof said:

    That was a good little newsletter. I didn't realize that there are so many lifelong Kwajers there, I assumed it was mostly a defense contracting island.

    Are you actually struggling with this decision between New Hampshire and Kwaj? On one hand you have a place that is slightly different from every other place in its own uniquely-same-thing way. And on the other you have the foundations of an experience of a lifetime.

    So what's your point??? I could go work in NH on magnificent shit or work in Kwaj as a mechanic on telescopes


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