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  1. This isn't coming from me about bread baking...... I've read this in a couple of books and basically, San Francisco lends its weather to produce a certain type of bacteria in the air where in Austin, it's hot and dry so a different thing floats around here and gradually over time, starter becomes more about whats in your air vs somewhere else.
  2. Wish there was video of the drones.... We had a view of a string of lights the other morning but most likely SpaceX stuff https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/starlink-satellites-spotted-over-houston/285-57cd9397-a229-4c15-87e4-5772923846f4
  3. Thanks guys!! Appreciate the help!! Didn't realize you can replace the cam!!
  4. Ok so I replaced some halyards from 7/16" double braid to 5/16" single braid control-DPX. I suspected I may have slippage and thought I could just replace the clutches but isn't there a way to to bury line inside the 5/16" or is it on the outside..... and what exactley is the process??? New clutches are pretty pricey! Thanks for the ideas!!
  5. So I've looked at the past 3 pages of replies and wondering if it's yet possible for us people in USA to watch the start of this race?? Seems every year it's not unless you a have a vpn or something that hides your location.
  6. I ordered the fancor 110 flat deck. Apparently it’s the one that comes stock on a J111 and can be had quite a bit cheaper than Harken mkiv.
  7. I had to hire a rigger to make the new forestay and he took it apart. He has to swedge fittings on ends or wire and maybe no way to bring 25’ of plastic extrusion by machine. Not really sure. And thanks for CDI thought.
  8. I've recently encountered some damage to my forestay which has a Schaefer 700 furler. The forestay needs replacement so the plastic extrusion that snaps together broke while taking it apart. We knew this would happen and I could just buy another extrusion but I'd kinda like to look into other furler options. This is a Corsair MK1 Sprint and I do race it.... Obviously I don't point as well if using a hank on but I like the ease of use. I'd like something with a lower drum and possibly an oval or smaller luff extrusion than what I have. I have searched here and it seems either Harken or Facnor i
  9. What could possibly go wrong.... Seriously, I need a 35' foiled rotating mast built. I have access to winding equipment. The 40' enclave may be a problem. Who here has done it? And may offer some advice about attempting it. I have made 7' carbon tiller extensions but really the thought of this is quite daunting. But all we see is carbon this and that now so why not think about trying it. Even making the mast track scares the fuk out of me.... lol
  10. She was definitely the hottest woman on All Girls Garage!
  11. I've spent the last 5 or so years perfecting a bread a recipe which works pretty well now. But the problem with sourdough starters is that they come with Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis bacteria which of course is found in SFbay area. This culture grows ok in Austin TX but it turns into Austin sourdough with Austin yeast and never retains the flavor of real SFbay sourdough. I never had a problem keeping a starter alive but gave up dealing with them and just use instant yeast. I'll post a link to the recipe I use. It's a 95% hydration recipe so it's a thin sticky batter. You have to beat the shi
  12. Haven't tried it on chicken yet but fish is great with this method. I don't care much for sous vide steaks..... but maybe I haven't perfected that yet. Seems the meat is a bit mushy for me.
  13. Hey Steve.... Hope life is going good for you!! We had a large group of folks buy Weta's at AYC and raced those in the centerboard circuit for about 5 years. Everybody has since moved up to Corsairs or other OD boats. So there's a few here that people wanna sell but haven't listed them. I can't think of an easier boat to sail that has some performance..... just a thought if you ever get to town to visit family....
  14. Considering the fact that I work for a company called Magic Leap........ the dude in the goggles has just been made my desktop background at work!! Perfect!! Thanks!!
  15. I just had my girlfriend text me this pic when I was looking at the Chesty pic. I'm seriously not such a boob man but whatever.... I'll take 'em. Apparently she just had a bra fitting. Chesty.pdf
  16. Did you read it? Since there isn't any pattern to it and it seems random, it can't be planets.
  17. Alien mega structures https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/20/15668130/star-kic-8462852-tabbys-star-alien-megastructures-light-dimming
  18. https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/boa/5998196600.html
  19. I wish I had the time in my life to take on something like that! It's gonna be 85 degrees here today and I can't even go sailing rebuilding a fence in my yard. then I need to rebuild my house so I can sell it this spring.
  20. Bargain! Humm..... and then how do you realistically go about getting the hulls made? Do these detail the form structure of the hulls so that you can make your own mold?
  21. How much did these plan sets sell for?? Just curious.
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