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  1. I think folks can argue both sides of this but I've raced side by side with me furled and the other not without any distinct difference at all.
  2. My first reaction was forgetting I had 2 tillers but once I got over that, they seem great. The main reason for me having 2 is that my boat handling skills suffer in high winds and it's mostly due to tiller f'k ups. It gets stuck under hiking strap, tramp or wrapped around kite sheet. The support brakets worked fine. There was no real added friction. But the thing is that I haven't tested it yet in wind conditons I want. I'm also worried that those supports are looking to snag a kite sheet as well. so we will see.
  3. The DJI Phantom drone has a rep for fly aways. Actually all drones have fly away problems but DJI gets the brunt of the reputation. I own one and have about $2000 into it so I pay attention to these issues. The DFW drone guy had mechanical failure at Wetafest, not fly away. I think in large part fly away problems are caused by everything being on one frequency now. 2.4Ghz. I'm adding a LRS system (long range system) to mine which switches it to 400Mhz and nothing lives there. Anyways, I hope his bird was repairable. At least it was fresh water.
  4. Thanks Miranda for the update!! Here's a little vid from this past weekend...... first time I tried my version 1.0 of twin tillers.
  5. Nice pic but, I never thought she was all that attractive.
  6. Holy shit Liquid!! I wanna see pics of lights!!
  7. Looks good! I always had a hard time with invertabrates. I even had super lighting to help the so called symbiotic algae growth inside them.... major pain. And back then I used to truck my RO water in every month. Now RO generators are cheap. What lights are you using?
  8. That's a weird place on Canyon. What part and what happened to the boat?
  9. Keep us upto date with your progress with some photo's. Do you know whether this was the only one built? I have a build log up on boatdesign.net Kraken 25 build log That's awesome! I'll follow this! Love the traps too! I've rebuilt the main hull from scratch luckily I had a photocopy of the original plans out of scale but able to rescale quite well. I'm up to the final lamination of the main hull triple diagonal cold molding with about 1 1/2 of the main hull to finish. I also found the floats were too rotted out to reuse so I'm building a new set in double diagonal u
  10. Thanks for the clip Great vid! That 1985 Tina Turner song kinda says it all.... a long time ago.
  11. Yes we only had rudders on the floats which was fine 90% of the time but in days when there was little wind it did cause a few issues Why? I don't understand?
  12. So where the fuck is this dipshit at? And when does it end? Sorry, I'm just asking?? Edit; Congrats to Reid for not killing anyone or himself, yet, and staying afloat that long.
  13. I haven't got a clue. I got on today after a LONG time and couldn't believe this thread is still going. I read a little, but couldn't tell if the guy is still floating or not. I know... and I really hate to be on topic. God knows nothing is on topic with this thread. I kinda miss B2S updates but thought I'd ask.
  14. Where is this fucker at? And when where does this end?
  15. Great job on the vids and the write up RD!!!! That fuctards at SA don't get to see the real Regatta Dog!!! That is funny!!
  16. Thanks Fred!!!! Sorry folks... but this is the only way I can talk to him. Hijack over
  17. Hey Fred..... where do you get that green tape? I can't find it and I'm ready to paint.
  18. Thanks! But how does it apply to this situation? Knowing where you've been doesn't always tell you where your going.
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