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  1. Would you care to share with the class who Letty is? DaveK
  2. I had forgotten about the fact this was the family that built that boat and I’ve seen those pics before. In retrospect, it’s an impressive effort. I know this guy is a scam but they worked hard at building that boat. I have to give him credit for that and at least the commune (family) or whatever did it. Unfortunately, it was a crazed person who ended up with it. I really doubt he is out there on the open water. Although, his erratic path suggest he is. Who plots such a stupid bogus track? Oh.. and his heart shape emblem…. It’s funny. I guess the entertainment value of this thread is where
  3. I agree with you but the “rescue boat” is vague. I have to make that point. Not sure why but I’m looking for facts here (maybe a waste of my time). I’m hoping Sailflat is true to his word. This going mainstream? Then dropping off? I dunno what that means. I guess this is only a train wreck with a bunch of rubber neckers. Me being one of them. DaveK
  4. Got a feeling we won’t hear much from Sailflat this weekend since the boat show is on. He is the guy with the rescue boat info. I want to hear more credible details about said mission. I’m not doubting Sailflat yet. But, Ya know.. the tree falling in the forest thing. Anyone can say anything at this point but I hope there was a concerned effort made. However, does it even matter if he is sitting on a beach telling Sonya to put lime in the coconut and drink it all up. I’ve been trying to weed through all of the shit here and get to the point of it. There is no record attempt. Most of his sp
  5. That's 2 boots in the nuts for you quoting him. Stop it, Ignore it and move on like the rest have. Your adding to the spam here and I am too by by trying to stop it. There are 3 bastic cases to ignore. Scot used to be pretty cool by deleting these scum sucking bottom feeders but, not any more. Clean.... you got some pull with Ed... do something! Slap shit "ain't I funny" gets beyond old. I've mentioned to Ed that if wants assholes around here then at least keep the ones with intelligence. DaveK
  6. Can't wait to hear more about this!!!!!! DaveK
  7. Yeah!! That is clean and simple documentation! DaveK
  8. If this is true, I think you should document it with more facts. DaveK
  9. Damn it Regatta Dog..... stop it, ignore it and move on to the real substance of this topic. Were moving at 1 page a day... way too much spam included. I know your not a newb but... work that ignore feature under profile. Freaking Page 23. DaveK
  10. How it’s verified (is one thing) and the goal is a 1000 days at sea… right? Doesn’t matter if it’s 3 trips around the globe. 1 will do as long as it took 1000 days. Rescue…. On the way?
  11. I’ve got a wife and I love women but, your avatar is really annoying. Sorry but can you find one that is more bouncing up and down (maybe slow motion) instead of jittering spastically. It would be nicer…. Just a thought. And your description of his goal is pretty much like...... DaveK
  12. I guess I just totally stepped out of line by asking a relative question about what his ultimate goal was. I’m sorry….. it won’t happen again! Golf? I used to play golf. I sucked at it as well. I guess it is what it is. DaveK P.S…. I really do want to know how one goes about documenting that. But I’ll shutup now P.S.S...... He has no goal! I know.... Just wondering what you'd do.
  13. I've been here and read this thing from the beginning. There is nothing on his site that states or verifies his "world record" attempt! Yes... the vids (him) say "nobody has done it before". I'm just trying to get a grip on how one would document it in an official way? Is it even an attempt at a world record? Trying to get back to the basics of whats going on here. DaveK
  14. Yeah... sorry but we know. It's a long thread, lots of BS, boring with moments of What? Then boring again with people posting track data from 2005 saying he crashed. Then we got an ex-girlfriend posting with creditable data ( that's the what part ). A reidian electrician Jesse who has more aliases than repetitive felon and then more BS . But now it's become BS piled on BS so, I give up..... tell me when it ends! DaveK
  15. Maybe I haven’t dug deep enough but, isn’t he trying to set a world record? An official record? Documented some how so he can be whatever? How is this being verified at the moment? Sorry, I’m just hack ass Texas lake sailor asking? DaveK
  16. Wait… they need our help? They need our money? Why? Where are they going to spend it? Dave
  17. Sounds like more shit from Jesse. Just a new ID. DaveK
  18. Ever spent anytime in Soho? I have with my “want to be an actress” sister. Even Som admitted she was an actress. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. But, I have sat through a play where a lady (not bad looking but not great) gave a dissertation on life for 1.5 hours while she took off one piece of clothing at a time until there was no more. Apparently it was some kind of off beat Broad Way hit that I really missed the point of. It wasn’t that bad but.. I just didn’t get it. In this case, they were just trying to be creative in an off beat sort of way and sometimes it works but this time it
  19. That's funny.... really funny. I saw the references to wiki but never looked at them. Thinking Reid set that up for his ego. Maybe Reid did set that up and y'all just wiped over that info or sent it to the bottom. In any case.... Note to self.... Never add my name to wikipedia! John Doe
  20. Thanks for a lovely afternoon. I will never, ever make fun of you again for living somewhere with no wind................

  21. Cool stuff, I enjoyed both. You'd think your on a VOR boat with chipmunks at hand. DaveK
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