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  1. Yeah... sorry but we know. It's a long thread, lots of BS, boring with moments of What? Then boring again with people posting track data from 2005 saying he crashed. Then we got an ex-girlfriend posting with creditable data ( that's the what part ). A reidian electrician Jesse who has more aliases than repetitive felon and then more BS . But now it's become BS piled on BS so, I give up..... tell me when it ends! DaveK
  2. Maybe I haven’t dug deep enough but, isn’t he trying to set a world record? An official record? Documented some how so he can be whatever? How is this being verified at the moment? Sorry, I’m just hack ass Texas lake sailor asking? DaveK
  3. Wait… they need our help? They need our money? Why? Where are they going to spend it? Dave
  4. Sounds like more shit from Jesse. Just a new ID. DaveK
  5. Ever spent anytime in Soho? I have with my “want to be an actress” sister. Even Som admitted she was an actress. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. But, I have sat through a play where a lady (not bad looking but not great) gave a dissertation on life for 1.5 hours while she took off one piece of clothing at a time until there was no more. Apparently it was some kind of off beat Broad Way hit that I really missed the point of. It wasn’t that bad but.. I just didn’t get it. In this case, they were just trying to be creative in an off beat sort of way and sometimes it works but this time it
  6. That's funny.... really funny. I saw the references to wiki but never looked at them. Thinking Reid set that up for his ego. Maybe Reid did set that up and y'all just wiped over that info or sent it to the bottom. In any case.... Note to self.... Never add my name to wikipedia! John Doe
  7. Thanks for a lovely afternoon. I will never, ever make fun of you again for living somewhere with no wind................

  8. Cool stuff, I enjoyed both. You'd think your on a VOR boat with chipmunks at hand. DaveK
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