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  1. research into the possible effects of bat coronaviruses on humans That cannot be good, bats being the only flying mammal are genetic gods compared to us primitive apes. They can repair dna far better than we can, repair telomeres. There is a species of bat the size of a mouse with a recorded lifespan of 50 years. Personally I have no desire to test my weak human defence systems on anything that can make a bat sick.
  2. Haha, argumentative 'manian aren't we. I could counter argue that half the things you mention are in a manual winch if it uses gearing, or that I mentioned the 4 cyl diesel as a highly complex system they chose to install on a purported sailboat. I didn't look at their winch solution, perhaps it is a capstan with the simplest of mechanical advantage, so only shaft, bearings and half the deck required : ) The gold however is "cable runs". Yep, high maintenance item there, you got me !
  3. Hand anchor winch, screw that, an electric motor has 1 moving part, they have batteries and an alternator on their 4cyl diesel. Out of the possible things to 'simplify' that would be one of the last for me.
  4. If it were just the USA i wouldn't care but you have traded xx,000,000 guns for cocaine and stuffed up large sections of the world that were great tourist destinations. So you like cocaine as well, so what, man up as a country, produce it locally, everybody be happy.
  5. I would count that man as smarter than the average human then since it is pretty rare to meet someone who would a: listen and b: change their mind.
  6. I'm confused, are you living in the U.S. ? Haven't you got a higher incarceration rate than the most crazed dictators in the world? e.g. Turkmenistan 552/100,000. USA 655/100,000 The whole "freedom" thing is a really confusing stance to take, why don't you just drive on the wrong side of the road? Why let anyone else dictate your side of road choice? Are you really that weak ? Paraphrasing Jim Jeffries "You say freedom but in Amsterdam I could smoke a joint while fucking a hooker in front of a policeman". LOL Time will tell but methinks some short shutdowns will have
  7. You deal in absolutes, only the Sith deal in absolutes, I don't argue with the Sith.
  8. True but ships burn REALLY dirty fuel, it is a vast improvement.
  9. I suppose if you count building the solar / wind / nuclear yes but they do last a long time.
  10. Maersk zero emissions by 2050 they say using hydrogen. Hopefully so. https://youtu.be/nuLvohkOLNY?t=86
  11. Wild snake my daughter picked up off the road to save it's life from cars seems to keep people away...
  12. You're not seeing the bigger picture here, it was built to survey so it will pay for itself... Holy crap, at least it looks like someone didn't waste too much time on it, just drop a ?caravan ? bus ?? train carriage?? school building ?? onto the already made hulls. I think this image best shows the mental process. I have this and I have that, just combine and add water. What could possibly go wrong???
  13. That's not a knife lizard. This is a lizard. We have a few reptiles so my daughter and I are thinking up upsizing and hatching a business plan, "Unwanted pets? Recycle them with our service"...
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