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  1. E-bike - you can work as hard as you want (I usually ride at lowest assist or off) but at the end of a long ride high assist makes that steep climb laughable. If you mountain bike ride it makes the ascents as an >50 as much fun as the downhill. It seriously puts a smile on your face #superman :p
  2. I do find i accidentally insult people of other nationalities, I told told an English guy to stop being so fucking English the other day and he did not take it well. In my defence though he WAS being a pedantic fuck... : )
  3. So the disease itself triggers this autoimmune disease 4x as often as the vaccine. Are you choosing to believe (I say this because I can't find any evidence to back this up) that if you get immunised then get COVID (which will likely happen at some point) it would give you like a 4 + 1 chance of this autoimmune disease? As opposed to the vaccine possibly reducing the chance of getting an autoimmune disease triggered by the virus? I mean if you are just correlating things by name then why not AIDS? "You heard it on Sailing Anarchy first folks, COVID vaccines give you AIDS"
  4. https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/2021/11/covid-19-vaccination-guidance-on-myocarditis-and-pericarditis-after-mrna-covid-19-vaccines_1.pdf
  5. Oh, you are American so this isn't about science and a disease, somehow U.S. politics are a worldwide phenomenon. Again no, factually incorrect.
  6. MNRA? Are there medical uses for guns? Cool, so separate the virus and shoot it? What are the others, Firebugs Anonymous?
  7. How so? If you are suggesting that creating a vaccine causes greater mutations then no, however it would help a new strain become dominant if it is different enough that our immune response due to either getting an earlier strain or being vaxxed are ineffective. You might as well blame those already infected if that were the case. What other therapies are effective? Are you are referring to the anti parasite drug (made by giant multi national) which showed evidence of killing the virus in a petri dish. That is very different to treating the virus in a human.
  8. Isn't that just complete babble that fails common sense 101? This vaccine helps train your immune system to recognise this virus, i.e. less of the virus will exist since you will have a better/faster response to it. Virus's don't form think tanks and decide how to combat the threat, it's just a numbers game. The longer your body takes to fight off the invader the more it will divide and multiply and the more chances it gets to mutate. One of those mutations might be resistant to the vaccine, if you pass it on... I'd like to see some kind of evidence to suggest exposing childre
  9. I was looking up small replacement motor costs. Wow, hull forms have certainly advanced that you can do this with 13hp.
  10. They named the new variant well, it is sure to get through to the general populace.
  11. Thanks Razr - yes that makes sense. Still the original concept I thought I'd try and make sound friendlier was: When trying to defuse people's fears I think it's worthwhile to be careful with words. A protein has no genetic material, and sure, while due to EpiGenetics (animal's response to environment) it will cause a change in our genome that change will be our bodies' immune response not some alien DNA being added. The only "infecting with genetic material" that could occur would be with the complete functional virus, not the spike protein. In fact that is an argument
  12. This isn't my area at all but would it sound more harmless and indeed more accurate to say 'by exposing our adaptive immune system to the spike protein of covid'? 'Causing our t cells to identify it more readily as an invader'. ? Correct me if i'm wrong any budding or full blown immunologists : )
  13. Heya, just wondering if anyone has some better google fu than me or science knowledge and wants to share the answers to 2 questions I thought might help those concerned with the new rna vaccines. I am asking this due to some pro-vaxxers not wanting to get the new COVID vaccines due to timeframes of production. It seems once you accept it is a different method than the previous trial and test of "get animal cells, expose to virus, after animal adaptive immunity and virus have at it... see if mutation is good" approach the timeframe from invention to release seems better to me. 1: Wha
  14. I think you have it, or perhaps even a flat bilge was deemed easier to fit out? Didn't need a sole?
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