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  1. My brother is looking at becoming a syndicate member of a gunboat in Sydney Australia, any ideas on pro’s and con’s of this method. Apparently there will be 10 members with approximately 34 days each. Thanks.
  2. geeaah


    Don’t just think about your skin, good mate contracted one in his eye and went from hero to zero in under 12 months. I would drive him down to Sydney each week for his chemotherapy, sit in the front on the way down and lay in the back vomiting out of the window on the way home. Wear your sunglasses and make sure that they check your eyes.
  3. I purchased one for the bride about 2 years ago best thing I ever did it’s an Ezee brand. It’s red so it goes fast, nearly 50 kph in fact maybe slightly illegal, but she disappears for hours so I get peace and quiet, 20 amp battery she tells me. I got it in Sydney,Australia.
  4. If McLaren can go that well with a Renault engine I’m looking forward to Daniel with the benz engine in the car.
  5. I do look forward to Sunday Gorn, will that be the lake or the harbour.
  6. Smoking crew on Infotrack this year, good luck Nicho.
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