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  1. I tried to sell a 1992 Corvette ZR1 with 24k miles on it. (my father left it to me an I have enough hobbies) It was a total shit show with armchair and weekend wrenches coming out of the woodwork to pick it a part for no good reason. It was total bullshit and I let the editors know it when it ended. I got lots of PMs from folks saying how bad my auction was and how unfair it was. I sold the car a couple of months ago for about $4k over the highest bid.
  2. echo

    CORA Flag

    I was a CORA member and at first sight I knew the burgee resembled the Confederate flag. That's why I never bought one. CORA is full of good people from what I know. IMHO they have bigger problems that than the burgee. Too bad about about Sperry leaving. Hopefully CRW can survive...
  3. If I am correct it starts at 9:00PM EST in the USofA ? The YouTube broadcast on a 70" HDTV is phenomenal.
  4. It was a great trip, thanks.
  5. Didn't hike up Ptarmigan ridge, huh ?
  6. You've had quite a run out there. I have a friend with a house in West Vail so is ski there a lot but would love to try new spaces. I looked hard at the Ikon pass but was not sure i could maximize it this year.
  7. I'm planning an Ice Coast trip with my daughter after the New Year but before her college ski racing starts up. Jan 2 - 7th. Looking at 1 day each at Hunter, Gore and White Face then over to Killington for 2 days. Thoughts?
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